What Happened to Matt Lauer and Girlfriend Shamin Abas

Matt Lauer Now

The possibility of a comeback looms for Matt Lauer, the former NBC morning show host who was terminated over allegations of sexual misconduct. Sources reveal that Lauer, now 66, is actively considering his return to the media world, feeling that enough time has passed since his departure. Despite his desire for redemption, he remains disturbed by how he was portrayed and believes he is owed an apology.

Lauer’s aspirations for a comeback are evident as he engages in conversations with individuals, aiming to carve out a new path in the media landscape. While he desires relevance again, his specific plans are still in flux, with a source indicating that he spends much of his time in Long Island contemplating his next steps.

According to US Weekly, the source acknowledges Lauer’s frustration with the “disgraced” label attached to his name in the wake of the #MeToo movement and the subsequent allegations against him. Lauer vehemently denies these accusations and feels aggrieved, particularly regarding his portrayal in the media. His sensitive nature is highlighted, with the source noting that he is not seeking apologies but rather feels deserving of one himself.

Matt Lauer Girlfriend

Despite the challenges, Lauer continues to navigate public appearances, notably attending Don Lemon’s recent wedding with his girlfriend, Shamin Abas. Their relationship, which has seen its ups and downs since 2019, is now described as stable, showcasing Lauer’s desire to project a sense of stability in his personal life.

Prior to his relationship with Abas, Lauer was married to Annette Roque for more than two decades, and they share three children. Despite the upheaval caused by his scandal and subsequent divorce, Lauer has worked to maintain a positive relationship with his children, emphasizing its importance in his life.

Looking ahead, Lauer is focused on laying the groundwork for his potential return, signaling that he is not ready to fade into obscurity. While the road ahead may be challenging, Lauer’s determination to rebuild his career and reputation remains evident.

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