Gal Gadot allegedly sparked controversy recently for planning an upcoming video screening. HOLR breaks it down.

Gal Gadot Video

According to this article posted by TMZ, Israeli actress Gal Gadot is allegedly sparking controversy online for planning to screen a 47-minute film depicting footage from the harrowing, disturbing, and distressing Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. It is believed that approximately 120 people will attend the screening, which will determine if extra screenings will follow, as noted here.

Hamas Video Footage

The screening is titled “Bearing Witness to the October 7th Massacre” and will reportedly be shown this week in Los Angeles and New York- in an undisclosed location. It will allegedly contain graphic footage of the Hamas attack on Israel that took place on October 7.

Gal Gadot Screening

Internet users have taken to multiple platforms such as TikTok, Reddit, and X- formerly known as Twitter- to discuss their differing opinions on Gal Gadot in relation to this upcoming screening. As noted in this TikTok video posted by user @countizzee below, the internet is allegedly trying to cancel Gal Gadot for screening this footage.


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