Taylor Swift AI photos went viral online, allegedly they are explicit. HOLR breaks it down.

Taylor Swift AI Twitter

According to this TikTok video posted by ser @noahglenncarter, explicit deepfake photos of Taylor Swift just went super viral online.

Taylor Swift AI Photos

As noted in the video, over on Twitter, an account seemingly circulated “not-family-friendly” images of Swift. These images were AI-generated and allegedly seen by upwards of 45 million people. This was before Twitter seemingly took them down.

Taylor Swift AI Photos Chiefs

Here’s what happened:

Allegedly, according to this article, the photos featuring graphic images of an AI-generated Swift were uploaded to Celeb Jihad. The AI-generated images were reportedly of Swift taking part in sexual acts. It was also noted that these AI-generated images showed Swift wearing Kansas City Chief gear, in which she was also reportedly seen in the stadium. These graphic posts soon started circulating on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit before being removed.

Although Twitter took down the original photos, people are still allegedly sharing them across social media platforms.

Taylor Swift AI Images

Taylor Swift AI also started trending on Twitter, which made Swifites very upset. Fans are claiming that what happened to Swift can be considered SA and that there should be laws put in place to prevent these sorts of things from happening, as noted by the TikToker in the clip.

People are also upset with Twitter since the photos went viral before the platform took action to remove them.

The photos were allegedly up for 17 hours before they were taken down which means that they were seen by a lot of people.

This related article claims that Swift is “furious” with the photos and is allegedly considering taking legal action against the website.

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