Rumors on TikTok are alleging that Jay Z had a mistress named Cathy White. HOLR breaks down alleged claims.

Jay Z and Beyonce

According to this TikTok video posted by user @nawalornoel, Jay Z allegedly had a mistress named Cathy White for a long time, although this is all alleged.

Cathy White Jay Z

Supposedly, right around the time that Beyonce got pregnant with Blue Ivy, the couple’s first child, there were reportedly rumors floating around that Jay Z was messing around with Cathy. As the TikToker claims, people allege that the song “Ring The Alarm” by Beyonce may actually be about Cathy.

Beyonce supposedly called Cathy and told her not to mess with her man. Beyonce’s latest album, “Cowboy Carter” features a new song called “Daughter” and the TikToekr alleges that the lyrics are kind of “sketchy.”

As the TikToker explains, there was also allegedly a scandal that occurred when Beyonce was pregnant with Blue, which reportedly occurred when she did an interview and her pregnant stomach seemingly “collapsed.” Rumors then started swirling regarding whether or not Beyonce had a surrogate.

Now, ever since “Cowboy Carter’s” debut, people online are claiming that Cathy White is actually Blue Ivy’s mom in regards to their alleged resemblance. However, Cathy allegedly passed away the same year Blue Ivy was born and she was reportedly a healthy 28-year-old woman. As a result, conspiracy theories began floating around alleging Jay Z had something to do with her death, which was deemed an aneurysm after she was found dead in her apartment.

When Kanye and Jay Z allegedly began feuding, Kanye supposedly alleged that Jay Z got rid of his mistress since it was a problem with Beyonce. This is alleged.

Now, all of the above is alleged. There is no concrete evidence to support these supposed conspiracy claims and theories surrounding Jay Z having an alleged mistress. This has not been confirmed and remains a rumor. There is also no evidence to support that Blue Ivy is not Beyonce and Jay Z’s child. 

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Image Credits: @nawalornoel TikTok