Drake is trending on Twitter allegedly because of a leaked private video. HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

Why is Drake trending?

According to this TikTok video posted by user @holdensmith962, Drake is trending worldwide because a supposed video of him was reportedly leaked online. This clip has gone viral on multiple platforms such as X- formerly known as Twitter- and Reddit since being allegedly leaked online.


HOLR will not be posting the explicit video. 

Drake Twitter Video

As noted in the video, this was an alleged private video that was seemingly uploaded to the internet. By who? That remains unclear. As confirmed by this TikToker @therealkatherine here, the NSFW video of Drake involves the rapper allegedly being “naked” and “exposed.” The viral clip supposedly features Drake lying in bed, filming with his phone… exposed. Although it is difficult to make out a face in the clip as it is seemingly covered by a cell phone (also noted here), people are convinced it is Drake.

Drake Video Leaked Reddit

TikTok users allege that there may potentially be a lawsuit following this leak as the video was seemingly meant to be private as it included the rapper being exposed.

What do you think bout Drake trending online today?

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