After an entertaining summer of addresses and unreleased tracks being broadcasted to the masses while the two hip-hop titans continued their ongoing feud, it would appear as if Ye is looking to bury the hatchet.

 On Monday, November 8th, Rap-a-lot records founder J-Prince uploaded a video to Twitter from a chapel in Houston. In the clip, West (who legally changed his name to Ye this year) stands alongside Prince as he reads a message from his phone inviting Drake to join him in a benefit concert next month to free Larry Hoover. Ye goes on to explain the mutually beneficial opportunity that awaits the pair; being able to celebrate their respective releases this year while at the same time bringing attention to an ongoing issue. He concludes the message by addressing the beef between the two and speculating hopefully at the chance to “prove to people everywhere how much more we can accomplish when we lay our pride to the side and come together.”

Prison reform is a well-known passion of Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, however, the issue is something that hits close to home for the Chicago eccentric as well. Back in 2018, a red hat-wearing Ye took a trip to the oval office with the hopes of freeing Larry Hoover via clemency from then-president Donald Trump. The request went unfulfilled, and Hoover has continued to occupy a prison cell in Colorado since 1973. Ever since he was incarcerated for the murder of a drug dealer, Hoover has received 6 additional life sentences for continuing to run the “Black Gangster Disciple Nation”, the gang he once lead. The consensus is that the 150-200 years that Hoover faces is overkill, as he has already paid his dues and then some. Ye once again reminded us of his conviction regarding the topic this year on his latest album Donda. Larry Hoover Jr. appears on the track “Jesus Lord”, thanking Ye for his concern regarding his father’s unnecessary prison sentencing. 

Image Courtesy of Pitchfork

From the patchy haircuts to the bizarre alien-like masks, Ye knows how big his audience is and continues to keep them on their toes. His messy-but-typical album rollout this summer saw tensions between him and Drake reach an all-time high after quietly brewing in the background for the last couple of years. Yet it would seem that after a few months have passed, Ye is no longer interested in adding fuel to the fire. In an over-the-top episode of the podcast “Drink Champs” that was released on November 4th, Ye addressed the ongoing feud between him and Drake with a sense of recognition for his rival. Comparing the shots the pair exchanged at each other as necessary chess moves in the professional game of rap, and praising Drake for his impressive album sales. 

Image Courtesy of Fader

It’s difficult to believe the authenticity behind this extension of the olive branch given the voice behind it, but it seems to be rooted in some kind of validity. After all, J-Prince is largely responsible for catapulting Drake into stardom, thus the decision to include him in the video was not arbitrary. Drake has yet to publicly respond to the invitation, and as we all wait anxiously for him to do so, it’s hard to not reminisce on a time when the waters between the two weren’t as turbulent. Without question the relationship between the 2 was never quite amicable; a dynamic sense of competition was always present. It’s safe to say that the 2 prima donnas choosing to let sleeping dogs lie is unlikely, but the potential for a beef-less future between 2 of the biggest rap stars is downright exciting. In the meantime “Find your love” will be on repeat, as we reminisce on a simpler time.