A viral video is referred to as New Nails and Kitty and has been making its rounds on TikTok. What is it about?

June 17, 2024– According to this related article, a viral allegedly NSFW video has been circulating on TikTok featuring the caption “new nails & my kitty.”

New Nails And Kitty Video

The now-viral clip was reportedly first posted by user @usergosd7n01yj on the platform and has allegedly since been removed following the explicit content. Allegedly, the video featured the TikToker user – who seemingly remains anonymous -accidentally exposing herself. This incident occurs as the user is allegedly trying to show the viewers her new nails and pet cat as the related article explains.

HOLR does not recommend looking up these clips as the videos contain explicit content.

New Nails And Kitty

Allegedly the video and account have since been removed on TikTok following the clip going viral. This is also not the first time this user has done this as others seemingly found out that the TIkToker had implemented similar content into their posts in the past- allegedly.

New Nails With Kitty

This viral video clip has also sparked multiple memes online following it being a viral scandal sensation.

Just got my new nails

This alleged viral video follows claims that a previous trend involved women showing off their new nails and allegedly showing off their boyfriend’s private areas in some clips, as this TikToker explained in this video.

New nails trend with boyfriend

As the TikToker notes, some of these clips are from last year when girls started the trend and now people have picked it up again. It allegedly shows the women grabbing something after showing off their nails and it has spakred controversy online. Allegedly, the trend has been revived and has taken on a new meaning as outlined in the latest new nails and kitty video.

What are your thoughts on this alleged viral video?

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