Did OpenAI use Scarlett Johansson’s voice for the brand’s new GPT-4o chatbot – after she denied their request to use her voice?

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According to this TikTok video posted by user @noahglenncarter, OpenAI is currently under fire for reportedly using a voice that sounds similar to Scarlett Johansson’s for their AI voice called “Sky”- this was after she denied the company’s request to use her voice.


Open AI just got exposed for trying to use Scarlett Johansson’s voice without her permission #scarlettjohansson #openai #foryou

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Open AI Scarlett Johansson 

When people heard the voice, they started talking about how similar it sounded to Johansson and once she caught wind of what was going on she was seemingly not happy, as the TikToker mentions. Even though Johansson said “no” to OpenAI using her voice, it seems as though the company chose one that sounded super similar to hers. As a result, Johansson ended up releasing a statement following the controversy.

She seemingly exposed the initial potential deal from OpenAI and threatened legal action against OpenAI for using a voice so similar to hers, despite her saying “no.” It’s not to be forgotten that Johansson once sued Disney for $50 million when Black Widow came out- and she got Disney to settle outside of court.

As the TikToker notes, according to OpenAI, the voice of Sky is not a copy of Johansson’s voice- but they apologized to the star and the Sky voice no longer exists, meaning you cannot use it.

What do you think about these claims and Johansson’s response to OpenAI allegedly using a voice similar to hers?

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