Emily Mariko is going viral for her tote bags- and allegedly not in a good way. HOLR breaks down the rumors surrounding the social media star and her latest endeavor. 

Emily Mariko TikTok

Lifestyle influencer, Mariko, went viral for this video posted to @emilymariko, where she shares that she is selling the Farmer’s Market Tote Bag.

Emily Mariko Tote Bags


In the video, she shares where they will be available, on her website Emily Mariko. These XL totes are being marketed as the perfect tote bags for the Farmer’s Market. However, the part Mariko is going viral for is allegedly the price of these tote bags- which are going for $120.

Her now-viral video has sparked a wild debate online about whether or not these totes are worth the price.

Emily Mariko Salmon Bowl

Mariko has gone viral in the past, such as with her salmon rice bowl video here.

Emily Mariko Tote Bags

Other TikTok users- such as @itsjessica2u- took to the platform to “deinfluence” others from buying these tote bags as they believe that they are not worth the seemingly hefty price tag.

Check out this video where the TikTok user shares her thoughts on the pricey tote.

Emily Mariko Tote Bags


“You have enough tote bags, trust me,” claims the TikToker in the clip. 

This TikToker, @zaaachydub took to the platform to share this video claiming that he is “so disappointed.”

Emily Mariko Tote Bags


He also can’t believe that these totes are supposedly “sold out” following their release. “$120 for a random tote bag?” alleges that TikToker. He also draws comparisons to a Trader Joe’s tote bag which is going for a significantly cheaper price.

What are your thoughts on the drama surrounding Emily Mariko and these totes?

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