Why was Kenneth always on his phone when Brittany was trying to talk to him? HOLR breaks down the alleged rumors following the latest episode drop of the hit Netflix series, Love is Blind.

When Kenneth and Brittany got into the real world, their once seemingly happy relationship unfortunately crumbled. The duo, who met sight unseen and got engaged during the pods of Netflix’s Love is Blind seemingly had a tough time growing their relationship when they started living together.

Kenneth Love is Blind Phone

In multiple clips from the show, Kenneth could be seen texting on his phone while Brittany is trying to talk to him. As a result, Kenneth seemed disconnected from Britanny, and to the audience it looked like he was ignoring her.

Why is this so?

According to this TikTok video posted by user @michellelelman one of the reasons why Kenneth was seemingly always on his phone could be because he is an “avoidant.” In this instance, Kenneth could be using his phone to avoid uncomfortable situations that he may have unfortunately thought he found himself in when being with Brittany in the real world.

Kenneth Love is Blind Season 6

As the TikToker notes, he is “checked out” and “disassociated” to the point where he doesn’t hear Brittany trying to converse with him. This could be one of the main reasons why the duo split- because Kenneth was not reciprocating Brittany’s bids for attention. She would ask him questions and he simply wouldn’t respond. Although we don’t know the full story behind why Kenneth was seemingly always on his phone because we don’t have his side of what went down, to the audience it looks like he is ignoring Brittany and doesn’t care about her, which was sad to see. However, there is no concrete evidence to support claims that Kenenth was deliberately trying to ignore Brittany and we will have to wait and hear his reasoning if he ever chooses to publically share it.

Others thought Kenneth was “checked out” of his relationship with Brittany after his talk with AD about race but the TikToker does not think this was the case, nor does the TikToker believe that Kenneth was interested in AD instead.

Another rumor that added fuel to the fire was if Kenneth was texting someone else on his phone and if there was infidelity involved in their relationship at all. It was revealed that Kenneth allegedly stayed out until 1 AM with his “mentor” but this was never fully discussed in Love is Blind. Could Kenneth have been cheating on Brittany? This is all alleged and, again, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims so right now it is all speculation. We will only know the truth if Kenneth decides to come forward to address this claim.

What are your thoughts on Kenneth using his phone in the show?

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