Kyte Baby is allegedly being “cancelled” following the brand getting backlash for reportedly being involved in some drama.

Kyte Baby Drama

According to this TikTok video posted by user @thecliffnotesgal, Kyte Baby (the original bamboo sleep bag) was recently involved in some drama. Allegedly, an employee at Kyte Baby- Marissa Hughes- adopted a baby who was born 22 weeks early and rushed to be by her new baby’s side at the hospital. However, it was then discovered that she was reportedly laid off for being at the hospital and not at work.

However, at Kyte Baby, the TikToker claims that they’re parents too, which is why the brand is garnering backlash because they’re being called out for not accommodating this new mom.

Kyte Baby Cancelled

The TikToker goes on to say that Marissa got a call after 3 years of infertility that her adopted baby had been born early at 22 weeks, although the baby was critically ill and had to be in the NICU.  She drove hours away and at the time, she was employed at Kyte for less than a year. As a result, there was no PTO for her- however, she reportedly got a call from the owner of Kyte and two others who allegedly agreed to give her 2 weeks to go be with her baby.

According to Marissa’s sister, an alleged backhanded comment was made during this call that seemingly claimed, “You mean you want maternity leave even though you didn’t have a baby?”

Later, Marissa gets a call back in which it is alleged that the owner and two others seemingly all changed their story and she is not given the 2 weeks off to be with her baby. It is also alleged that if she doesn’t come into the office after she will be let go. Marissa let the team know that her baby was very sick and that she would likely not be able to bring her baby home until March, not wanting to leave the baby.

As the TikToker notes, Marissa offered to work remotely and claimed that she could do her job in a remote status except for not being present at photoshoots in person. However,  it is alleged that the team told her that if she is not back in 2 weeks then they won’t necessarily “fire her” but that her job won’t be available anymore.

It is unclear if the company was allowed to give her time off as the TikToker claims but, morally, it doesn’t seem right that a family-oriented business is going about this in such a way.

Kyte Baby Response

After getting a ton of backlash for his story going viral, Kyte Baby’s owner, Ying Liu, took to TikTok to post a response here that many found to be seemingly scripted and “cold.” Although she apologized, it seemignly didn’t seem sincere to those watching.

Kyte Baby Response

IMAGE CREDIT: @kytebaby TikTok

Kyte Baby Owner

Following this, Ying took to TikTok again in a more vulnerable and open way to sincerely apologize to Marissa here. In this video, she goes “off script” to directly apologize to Marissa for treating her that way. She claims that she was the one who vetoed Marissa’s request to go remote and she regrets this decision for being “insensitive and selfish.” She agrees that she did not accommodate her and claims that she realizes the impacts of her decision-making at this moment. She also claims that she will continue to pay Marissa benefits as well as the remote position she requested. She also claimed that she understands if Marissa does not want to come back to work but that she will continue to pay Marissa remotely for the hours she proposed. She also alleges that the original position is always open to Marissa if and when she comes back.

Kyte Baby Owner

IMAGE CREDIT: @kytebaby TikTok

What do you think of the drama and Kyte Baby’s response?

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