As we’re watching a lot more movies and tv shows lately, we’re bound to come across some of the saddest moments that guarantee (most people) to ugly cry. has conducted a poll to see the emotional range of their users and to see what truly makes their tears jerk. Spoilers ahead!!!

From scenes that may or may not have death in them to scenes where they define an end of an era, many of them have been known to people for being some of the saddest of all time. Many of these scenes listed in the top 10 are also scenes that lots of people haven’t watched, but they still know they happen. 

Coming in at number 1- Mufasa’s death in the Lion King has become one of the most tear-jerking scenes of all time. Being released in 1994 many of the people who have grown up watching this film are now in their 20’s-30’s. This also being number one and being animated and an animal shows that people are more likely attached or more emotional when it is not human-related. Coming in at 2nd is another animal, and what is worse it is a dog. Marley and Me became a film that many people loved and a lot of people did not watch because the death and the life of the dog were too hard to watch. 

With animals being the most tear-jerking films, Bambi’s mother’s death ranked 3rd with a 20% match to why people cried. As animals and animation really get those tear ducts flowing, the first and most recent human-related death comes from the Avengers films- Tony Starks death in the last film. This also showed that more men were vulnerable to crying over Iron Man’s passing, over other films like the 5th highest scene from Titanic of the old couple in bed, which more women were responding to. 

Something more relatable to many fans comes from the show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Will vents to Uncle Phil about his dad’s abandonment of him. This raised 16% of fans to tear up, and it is also known that this scene wasn’t scripted and it was Will Smith’s real-life reaction. As this is one of two scenes on the list not depicting death, the next one does, with a 13% vote. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, house-elf and friend of Harry Potter himself sacrifices himself to save his friends, which ends up being the last thing he does. For the Harry Potter universe, this was one death that many people never forget. 

As the animation continues to keep people crying, the scene in Toy Story 3 with them all in the incinerator truly got many fans crying as it was clear that the end was coming, not only for the story of the toys but a real-life realization of growing up and losing your sense of childhood freedom.

With an ending like no other and a show that is still beloved to this day, FRIENDS’ final scene in Monica’s iconic purple apartment got 12% of fans crying, just as they put the keys on the counter and said goodbye, the cast and the fans truly cried together during that one. 

Last but not least coming in at #10 from the Pixar film UP, Ellie’s death scene truly made the parents of the children watching this movie cry as the sentimental montage of their relationship concludes with her death. 

As many people do not tend to cry even during the top 10 saddest scenes ever, says “Showing emotion is something you don’t want to do when playing poker and you need to make sure your poker face is strong so nobody can read you – but a good cry can be therapeutic.” 

So if you’re in need of a good cry, and maybe haven’t watched anything from the top 10 list, give it a go and see if your emotional range is similar to the 1500 participants in this poll, and don’t forget the poker face.