Katrina Anastasia is an artist and entrepreneur from Toronto who is using her voice and fashion sense as a way to raise awareness about the environment, with her new EP “It’s Cool To Care”.

As a young artist who began singing at a very young age, Katrina realized a few things, 1, she knew how to sing, and 2, the world pays attention to pop culture over anything else. With those realizations, Katrina decided she is going to take what she cares about the most (the environment) and show people the responsibility and impact we all have on it, through singing and fashion. 

As a young artist, Katrina experimented with a dynamic range of vocal melodies and sewn them together with the stories and thoughts about her time growing up, which gives her listeners a very intimate way of listening to her music and understanding her social cause and story. 

As the environment is a very important part of Katrina’s life, she has chosen to be transparent with her fans and listeners, showing them how much impact we all have, and showing them that being more sustainable shouldn’t just be a choice, but should be a way a life, that way the planet can have a longer life. 

In a music video for her song titled “I41” Katrina puts on a display her talent for both singing and fashion designing. She shows fans the process of her stitching together 155 recycled masks and creating an outfit with them. She also does the same in her music video off her new EP, titled “1 Step” where she creates a puffer jacket out of recycled plastic packaging. 

All of these songs and music videos are part of her “It’s Cool to Care” EP, where her 6 songs are fully acoustic, and range from talking about the environment to talking about relationships to people closest to you and how they change. 

Katrina’s idea about the EP came about because of her relationship with the environment, the title “It’s Cool to Care” is the exact meaning behind it, it is just cool to care about the environment, about relationships with friends, families and it is cool to care about the impact we can have even if it changes 1 person. 

The EP came out on Earth Day April 22, 2022. 

Be sure to check out the EP here as well as a YouTube interview with Katrina here.

Article published by HOLR Magazine