Unfortunately, accidents do happen and if you have been involved or injured as a result of premises liability then it is important to know exactly what this is: Premises liability holds the owner of the property responsible for any damages which might come about through an injury either to the person or property.  Premise liability claims can be brought about in relation to both commercial premises and residential premises. You have to prove that the property owner was negligent to win a case. To win a case you will most likely need to prove that the owner of the property failed to maintain the property.

When it comes to claiming and handling a premises liability case there are lots of things to consider, and so it would be best to place your case in the safe hands of a lawyer or law firm, especially one that has experience in dealing with this area of the law. Always seek assistance when dealing with a case that may have left you injured and traumatised, as even discussing elements of an incident can trigger some unsavoury memories. 

If you are a business that someone has a claim against it is always important to protect your assets and take out business insurance where you can. Protecting your business is key to your business’s survival. Finding a law firm to represent you doesn’t need to be a daunting process, and to help you even further here are a few top tips:

What Should you Look For in a Law Firm

Try to use and look for a local law firm 

A firm that is local to you (not too far away) or even based where the incident happened is going to have your best interests at heart, whereas a lawyer from another city or state probably is only interested in the fees they could get if they win the case. So, if you are in Virginia then search for the best law firm in Virginia that specializes in handling premise liability cases. If they do not or have not had any experience in this area then it’s probably best to start looking at alternative firms.

How well do they communicate? 

Do they take the time to answer any questions or queries you have or do they ignore you as and where they can? Do you get to speak to a lawyer when you need to or do you never get past the secretary?

Confidence and comfort 

Do they fill you with confidence that they can win this case for you? Do you feel comfortable around them? Keep in mind you will need to feel comfortable potentially sharing some personal details.

Utilize reviews as and where you can 

Gathering peoples’ opinions both good and bad will allow you to weigh up the possible pros and cons for each law firm and lawyer. Reading reviews will save you wasting your time running around or chasing firms that are probably not worth your time.

Are they available to handle your case? 

Have they taken you on just to make up numbers and do they actually have the time and dedication to handle your case with care and respect, if not, then you will most likely be passed around from pillar to post, so start as you mean to go on and get a firm that cares and respects you.

Additional things to look for are:

  • How big is the law firm? Bigger firms are often more expensive to hire, but they usually have access to the best resources. Smaller firms are usually more personal and cost-effective, however, they may not be readily available due to not having much staff.
  • What are their fees/bills? Do you pay their fees/charges up front? When are there fees due? What happens if you lose the claim, what fees will be payable if any.
  • Are they interested in you and how this claim has affected you? If they are not interested in you and what this claim means to you then they are probably not the right firm to hire on this occasion.
  • Are they held in high regard, do they come highly recommended? Do you know anyone that has used them, if so what did they think, were they left feeling impressed or disappointed?

Researching what you want to know about a law firm is the only way you can truly gauge if a firm or lawyer is right for you. It might be difficult to find a lawyer that ticks all your boxes, but if you are struggling go for a lawyer that wants to handle your case. Someone who shows passion and dedication is going to try and get the best possible result for you.