A viral video of Kanye West shows that the rapper appears to have some sort of growth on his lip. What is it?

Kanye West Lip

According to this TikTok video posted by user @drcatriseaustin, Kanye West is going viral after a video of the rapper showed him with a seemingly large growth on his lips.

Kanye West Before and After

As outlined by other publications, West is going viral for this recent “bump” on his lip after it was revealed that he seemingly did not have this growth previously. This news follows claims that West allegedly got all of his teeth extracted in order to get a titanium denture. As HOLR previously reported, West’s inspiration for his new smile supposedly came from Jaws- the villain in a James Bond movie who was famous for his metal teeth.

Although West has not addressed this large growth on his lips, fans have become increasingly concerned as previous photos of the rapper allegedly show him without a growth- or one that is supposedly super small in comparison.

Could this be a medical issue that has developed over time? It is unclear as it has not been publically addressed by the rapper.

What are your thoughts on West’s new smile?

Published by HOLR Magazine.

Image Credit: @drcatriseaustin TikTok