Are Jimmy and his ex back together? CAUTION: Love is Blind season 6 episode 12 spoilers ahead.

What happened with Jimmy and Chelsea?

Jimmy from Love is Blind and Chelsea seemingly broke off their engagement on the latest episode of the series. The two engaged in a pretty big fight that allegedly led to them calling it quits on their relationship.

Jimmy Love is Blind Girlfriend

During their argument, the pair had a disagreement involving Jimmy’s relationship with a past ex who is still his friend. Jimmy and his friend hooked up in the past but it was allegedly a one-time-thing. They still chat almost every day, according to Chelsea, who felt very uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Check out this TikTok video posted by user @ashleyvera_ showcasing the situation in episode 12:

Why did Jimmy and Chelsea break up?

Jimmy claimed he could not move forward with the engagement as Chelsea reportedly broke his trust by revealing his past intimate relationship with his friend on the series. He alleges he told Chelsea “out of confidence” about hooking up with one of his friends and that he was hurt that Chelsea exposed this news on Love is Blind. “You threw that in my f*cking face,” claims Jimmy in the above clip. “You disrespected her, you disrespected me.” Jimmy also alleged that Chelsea has an ex that she still hangs out with. She denied hanging out with him still, but it is reported that she Facetimed her ex the night she got her phone back when she and Jimmy got engaged.

It was evident that the duo had issues before but this argument took it to the next level and the pair decided that their engagement was over, as a result.

Now, the question is, who is Jimmy with now? Did he go back to his ex who is still his friend? This remains unclear as Chelsea and Jimmy have not revealed their current relationship status on social media so it remains unknown where they stand right now, with each other or other people.

What are your thoughts on what happened in episode 12?

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