Allegedly, Jessica from Netflix’s Love is Blind had another match in the pods that we didn’t get to see.

Jessica Love is Blind

According to this TikTok video posted by user @storytimwithrikkii, Jessica had another connection in the pods besides Jimmy. Who was it, exactly? Supposedly, it was with Ariel.

Jessica and Ariel Love is Blind

Jessica and Ariel Love is Blind

The TikToker claims this “tea” comes from another creator, Reality Ashley. Allegedly, Ariel was part of a love triangle with Jess and Jimmy. Supposedly, Ariel was scared about “rushing” to get engaged as a result of being afraid of not meeting and getting approval from Jessica’s daughter.

Ariel Love is Blind

The TikToker then shows another photo of Ariel:

Ariel Love is Blind

Jessica and Jimmy Love is Blind

Netflix seemingly did not show us Jessica and Ariel’s relationship -we only saw Jimmy and Jessica’s side of things in the pods. As a result, it looks like Jessica was not just hung up on Jimmy as the show reportedly made it seem. It’s unclear what happened between Ariel and Jessica after filming but it’s alleged that Jessica will be on Perfect Match Season 2.

What do you think about this other alleged connection from Love is Blind?

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Image Credits: @storytimewithrikkii TikTok