Rumors and allegations surrounding what allegedly happened between P Diddy and Justin Bieber are circulating on social media regarding the pair’s supposed relationship.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @theparanormalfiles, there are new allegations that may be coming soon involving P Diddy, Justi Bieber and, reportedly, Usher.

Usher and Diddy

As noted in the TikTok video, Usher was discovered at 14 by P Diddy. He was signed to Diddy’s record label Bad Boy Entertainment and Diddy was instrumental in Usher’s success. However, Usher was allegedly exposed to some “disturbing” things when he was younger, as outlined in an interview with Oprah Winfrey back in 2012, as noted by the TikToker. Usher admitted Diddy brought him to sex parties and allegedly exposed him to drugs while he was just a young teen. Usher allegedly felt “pressured” to participate in things he wasn’t mentally prepared for as the TikToker notes. He also reportedly claimed Diddy wasn’t a great mentor. They drifted apart as a result.

Diddy and Justin Bieber

Usher found Bieber in 2009 on YouTube and connected with him instantly, in which Diddy was also reportedly introduced to Bieber when he was younger. Bieber and Diddy seemed to stay friends, being photographed together and posting one another on social media over the years. However, Bieber’s mother – who went into an interview in 2023- claimed Diddy tried to “corrupt” her son from a young age. She reportedly claimed when Bieber was young, Diddy pressured him to do drugs allegedly such as cocaine and marijuana. She also claimed Bieber was pressured to drink with him at parties with adults around. Now, this is all alleged but it follows a viral video of Diddy and Bieber hanging out together that has resurfaced on social media recently.

There is no concrete evidence to support the above-alleged rumors. However, news that Diddy’s homes were raided by Homeland Security recently follows these claims. Diddy’s homes were allegedly raided as a result of sex trafficking investigation allegations.

Bieber has not come forward to address these alleged claims but what are your thoughts? 

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Image credits: @theparanormalfiles TikTok