Was T.D. Jakes arrested? HOLR breaks down the rumors surrounding the American preacher. 

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According to this article, there are rumors running rampant online alleging that the preacher has been arrested following his supposed involvement in the Diddy scandal that went viral last year.

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As the article notes, T.D. Jakes was allegedly believed to have attended Diddy’s parties in which claims of him partying with the rapper and being intimate with other men seemingly went viral online. Following this alleged news, new allegations of the preacher being arrested and charged for SA and grooming have now been a topic of discussion online. Sources claim that his son reportedly confirmed rumors and T.D. Jakes was subsequently arrested as a result- but is this really true?

TD Jakes Arrested

According to the article, there is no concrete evidence to prove that T.D. Jakes has been arrested for the above claims. After these allegations of T.D. Jakes being arrested began circulating online, it was quickly confirmed that the preacher had not been incarcerated.

HOLR previously reported here that T.D. Jakes allegedly recently addressed the infamous Diddy claims during a service late last year right before the New Year.

What do you think of these rumors surrounding the preacher? 

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