Looking for some exquisite places to dine out at? Take a look at these popular hotspots that not only have great food, but  have some beautiful pieces of world-renowned art.

Nothing is greater than dining in a spot that has great food, and a great ambience. Most of the time, we might not realize it but an ambience and mood is definitely set by lighting, music, the crowd, and interior design. Luckily, these recommended spots have beautiful interior design complimented by astonishing, unique works of art that perfectly blend in to create the ultimate ambience.


Located at Mister C (Bisha Hotel Toronto Lobby Lounge):

Damien Hirst for Alexander McQueen Silk Scarves

Alexander McQueen by Damien Hirst

About: Recipient of numerous Designer of the Year Awards, fashion designer Alexander McQueen was known for pushing fashion’s limits to a different extreme. Dramatic designs and theatrical fashion shows imbue McQueen’s style. In 2003, Alexander McQueen celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iconic Alexander McQueen skull scarf with a Damien Hirst scarf collaboration. The scarves embody the best of McQueen and Hirst: skulls and butterflies. 



Located in the Bisha Hotel Lobby:

“Balloon Venus” by Jeff Koons

Balloon Venus by Jeff Koons

About: In partnership with Dom Pérignon, this limited edition sculpture was inspired by Venus of Willendorf, a Paleolithic fertility figure dating to 28,000 BC and opens up to hold a bottle of champagne. The “Balloon Venus” sculpture was manufactured in a limited edition of 650 and is part of hotel owner, Charles Khabouth’s, personal collection.



Located in KOST, Bisha Hotel’s 44th floor rooftop restaurant:

John Baldessari Prints

By John Baldessari

About: Conceptual artist John Baldessari marries pop culture with high art, modern technology with old-world processes in his collaboration with VISIONAIRE 64 Art. Baldessari’s prints exploit the current ease of capturing self portraits with the respected craftsman- ship of printmaking. Baldessari’s colour interventions reference his 1980’s trademark of covering his subjects with colourful dots. 



Located in Taglialatella Galleries:

RISKY, 2018 Aerosol on metal plates

RISKY, 2018

About: Kelly Graval, better known as RISK or RISKY, is an LA-based fine artist. A legend in both the New York and Los Angeles grafitti scene of the 1980s, RISK’s career has spanned over thirty years and across visual practices. His iconic and memorable artworks have been seen from subway cars and highway overpasses to music videos and t-shirts. A monumental force in contemporary art, RISK engages the city and popular imagery to reflect his worldview to create a captivating set of multimedia work. Taglialatella Toronto is fortunate to have the front of the gallery painted with a RISK mural.

Note: Taglialatella Galleries is located adjacent to Sofia, connected by a joint thoroughfare designed for exploration between the two venues.



Located in Sofia’s dining room:

Juxtapose, 2017 by Mr. Brainwash | Signed

Juxtapose by Mr. Brainwash


About: French artist Mr. Brainwash, evokes messiness and clarity within his works. His
works can be laughed at and admired, all while evoking the inner child of each viewer. Mr. Brainwash has used all forms, techniques and historical references of street art, and he has collaborated with many influential people such as Madonna and most recently the Pope. Mr. Brainwash has created a multitude of work using similar styles to artists such as Banksy, as well as using traditional spray can technique.



Located in Sofia’s lobby: 

Gazing Ball (Da Vinci Mona Lisa), 2015

Gazing Ball (Da Vinci Mona Lisa), 2015

About: Jeff Koons is an American artist known for his reproductions of banal objects—such as balloon animals produced in stainless steel with mirror-finish surfaces. He began his “Gazing Balls” series in 2013, affixing mirrored blue hand-blown glass balls to replicas of classical sculptures. In 2015, Koons expanded the motif to paintings and prints, adding blue spheres to recreations of his favourite two-dimensional masterpieces. Koons is an established and thriving contemporary artist, collected by both public and private institutions.




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