assorted flower bouquets

Even though autumn is popularly known as the season when the leaves change color and fall off the trees, it’s also a time when many flowers reach their peak. It’s nice to either spruce up your home or purchase these popular bouquets for someone you love. There’s an array of bouquets that can range from simple beauties to gorgeous showstoppers. Some of these popular bouquets are:


Dahlias can reach their peak anytime between July and early December and are considered autumn blooms. They have many beautiful rows of delicate petals and come in many different colors. They are the national flower of Mexico. So, if you want to gift someone with a beautiful autumn floral arrangement that has an interesting history, you can send a Dahlia flower delivery from to them.


Celosias are colorful and fluffy in appearance. Their shape resembles brains, which makes them a perfect floral Halloween arrangement. These flowers are in shades of bold maroons and fiery oranges. Great for the autumn season for those who may not be into those brighter colors. Celosias also add some spooky flair for your friends and family who can’t get enough of the haunted season.


Asters are star-shaped and resemble daisies. They have purple petals and yellow centers instead. They are early autumn bloomers that shine in August and September. According to Greek mythology, Asters were created by the tears of the Greek goddess Astraea, who was upset that there were very few stars in the sky. When she cried, her tears fell on the earth, and aster blooms grew in their place. Asters are an ideal gift for those born during the early autumn months.


Chrysanthemums shine during autumn months with stunning shades of burgundy, orange and yellow, making them a perfect choice to add to your seasonal bouquet. Apart from being a beautiful bloom, it also has medicinal purposes. For instance, it is believed to lower blood pressure and acts as an anti-inflammatory when used in tea. Interestingly, chrysanthemums are the official flowers for Mother’s Day bouquets in Australia because of their nickname, “mums.”


Anemones come in a wide variety of colors from pretty pinks to vibrant whites. They bloom in early autumn and are perfect for September floral arrangements. Anemones open their petals in the morning and close them at night. Therefore, they symbolize the anticipation and passing of time and are the perfect floral arrangement to give to someone who is waiting for important information or news.


They reach their peak between July and September. They have very bright faces and vibrant colors. Sunflowers are usually associated with cheery and happy vibes. Which is typically not associated with autumn as it is typically gloomy. You can buy them for your living room space or as a gift for someone who needs to be cheered up.

Ornamental cabbages

Ornamental cabbages are eye-catching and truly unique. They are late autumn bloomers and can be given as gifts throughout the fall season and into early winter. Since they have long stalks, they can be used to create bouquets alone or they can be supported by delicate blooms like gypsophila.


If you are looking for popular autumn blooms to liven up your home or to give to someone, you should consider the bouquets above during the fall season. These blooms have vibrant colors, beautiful petals, and unique shapes that make them perfect for autumn home décor or as floral arrangement present.

Published by HOLR Magazine.