We’re bidding farewell to summer and all its beach walks, sandals, and sun-exposed skin. Your feet have been through a lot during summer, but now it’s time for pampering, and the best time to do that is when the autumn months come rolling in. It’s time to return to our routines, including moisturizing our feet.

To help you get ready, here are some essential products and methods you need to keep in your beauty box and routine for smooth, supple skin.

Moisturize your feet with a moisturizing foot ointment.

Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your feet. Our return to the office, the cold weather, long days, and closed shoes are some of the reasons why it’s so important to moisturize them.

Find a moisturizing ointment like Kerasal’s Nighttime Intensive Foot Repair Ointment made with lavender and chamomile; your feet will be as soft and repaired as ever. You can apply it to clean, dry feet in the morning or evening. For better penetration, massage it into your feet, concentrating on the heel and toes.

Say goodbye to cracks and dry skin. 

Prepare your skin for one of the driest seasons of the year. Look for foot creams that also contain aloe vera, sweet almond oil, and urea that will act on the most damaged areas of your feet. It’ll give you immediate relief and smooth heels just overnight. 

For the most tiring of days, relax your legs with cold gel.

You’ve come home after an exhausting day, and the only thing you want to do is relax. Apply our cold gel to relieve them. It’s moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. It also contains healing and regenerating properties thanks to aloe vera.

You can apply for it in the morning or evening. The choice is yours. Massage it into the feet, heel, and toes. The arrival of autumn is the ideal time to use it intensively.

Reduce calluses with a callus relief foot peel.

If they’re tough, you’re tougher. Put an end to calluses with the Kerasal Intensive Repair Foot Peel. An intensive foot peel infused with essential oil that will help you repair dry, rough skin within days.  Find the best time, preferably in the evening when you’re winding down the day, to apply the peel to clean, dry feet. 

Try odorless foot talc. 

If anything bothers us daily, it’s sweat and unpleasant odors. Don’t worry; it’s possible to avoid them without a care in the world. Look for odorless talc that controls sweat and neutralizes odors for 24 hours. You can use it on your feet, and make sure to rub it in between your toes. The great thing about talc is that you can also dust it into your shoes to get round-the-clock freshness. Be careful to keep it away from your nose and mouth, though, as it can be extremely dry.

Aerate your feet with foot deodorant spray.

Feeling that your feet are damp during the day is something that often happens. With foot deodorant sprays, you can feel freshness and comfort while going about your daily routine. Deodorant sprays dry quickly and are easy to use. You can spray it onto your feet from 15 cm. You can use it upright or inverted.

Give your feet a foot bath.

The most effective way to care for your feet is to start with a footbath. A good footbath softens calluses, cleanses and purifies the skin, and helps combat perspiration and unpleasant odors. If you’re prone to heel cracks, it’s vital that you adopt footbaths. Your tired skin needs moisture to soften.

Salt for your feet

Specific salt made for feet, together with some essential oils, is the perfect kind of pampering you want to give to your feet. Salt has a purifying effect, combined with nourishing oil, glycerin, and carbamide (urea), which can help soften the skin, making it easier to remove calluses with a file, pumice stone, or foot peeling mask.

Add a foot balm to your routine.

The ultimate treatment for dry, cracked feet. A rich balm for use before bedtime. Look for foot balm that contains chamomile, aloe vera, and nourishing oils such as lavender. Before bed, moisturize your feet one last time, put on a pair of socks, and leave the foot balm on overnight. Use daily before bedtime, after washing and drying your feet, and you’ll wake up to soft, smooth, supple skin.

Bath bombs for feet

Nourishing bath salt bombs, which sparkle in the water, are suitable for foot baths and contain purifying salts. This can give you an added layer of luxury while you are pampering the rest of your body. Both products can be used in footbaths for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Adding a foot pumice stone or foot file to your routine

The foot file has two sides. The coarse-grain side quickly reduces and removes calluses and dead skin. The fine side gently polishes thickened, hard, or dry skin, making your feet ultra-soft. The best time to use a foot file is after a shower or bath while the skin is still supple and moist. Of course, you can also do this after a foot soak. The coarse-grained side is primarily used to exfoliate particularly rough or hard areas. Be very careful with this side as it is very abrasive. Use the fine side to soften and exfoliate the soles of the feet and the area around the toes. Don’t over-file; it’s better to use the file frequently but in small doses. The foot file can be cleaned with boiling water and remains effective for many years.

And that concludes our recommendations for starting autumn with pampered feet! We hope you’ll find these tips helpful and make the most of these autumn days by taking good care of your feet.

Published by HOLR Magazine