Maria Georgas Call Her Daddy Episode Highlights

Maria Georgas was one of the favourites to come out of Joey Graziadei’s Bachelor season and she is finally speaking publicly about her experience. Maria Georgas appeared on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy Podcast, which came out today, Wednesday, May 1st. On Call Her Daddy Maria Georgas spilled all the tea and talked about an ex-boyfriend’s infidelity, discussed why she’s not the next Bachelorette, and if she’s ever dated Nick Viall. She also talked about how she knew deep down she and Joey were better off as friends.

Which Ex Cheated On Maria Georgas

Maria Georgas got candid about her longest relationship in her past, which lasted 8 months and ended once she suspected him of cheating. The ex in question appears to be her most public relationship before The Bachelor, which was with Kai Bent-Lee. Kai Bent Lee is the son of famous Chef Susur Lee. Maria details how she caught him cheating on her, which involved her following her gut instinct that he was up to something while she was in Los Angeles for a wedding. When she got home she went to the concierge and asked for security footage under the guise that she left her purse behind between the specific hours she suspected Kai of cheating. She allegedly ended up seeing a girl turn up at their door at 3 am and later confronted him about it. While he denied it, Maria ended up becoming friends with the girl in question and she eventually admitted that they hooked up.

Did Maria Georgas Date Nick Viall

Did Maria Georgas Date Nick Viall

Maria addressed her history with Nick Viall, former Bachelor and host of the Viall Files. Maria Georgas and Nick Viall never dated but she did say that they had a flirty friendship years ago. She also revealed that Nick had told her to go on The Bachelor and that she would do well on the show but that he thought she would be portrayed as a villain. Once the show started airing Maria also admitted she saw a photo of Nick Viall with Ashley I, Jared and Sydney Gordon so she did start contemplating if Sydney coming for her on the show was orchestrated. However, she later divulged that Sydney is a great woman and that the two are good since the show aired.

Why Is Maria Georgas Not the Next Bachelorette

Maria admitted that she was offered the role of the next Bachelorette but ended up becoming overwhelmed and declining it. On the Bachelorette role, Maria revealed “It was mine, until I said it wasn’t” due to her experiencing extreme overwhelmed about the process. Maria got far along enough in the process that she was doing fittings. She also revealed that Jenn always said how much she wanted it. Maria admitted while she saw everyone was so excited about the potential of her becoming Bachelorette, she realized she didn’t share the same sentiments. She added that she wasn’t in the right headspace for the role and it was hard for her to jump back into it. Alex Cooper also revealed that they were going to have Maria on the Call Her Daddy Podcast a month ago where they planned to announce that she was the next Bachelorette. She said she fully supports Jenn as the next Bachelorette and thinks she is perfect for the role. The next Bachelorette season is currently filming.

Listen to the full Maria Georgas Call Her Daddy episode here.

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