Everyone’s favourite 6’3 Australian Jacob Elordi has been a fan favourite for a few years now, many because of his height, some because he is so handsome, and others because his fashion sense is so dreamy. 

Being an actor has its benefits, you’re usually good-looking, have a world-class stylist, and if you act well, you get paid well; Jacob Elordi has been working hard for the last few years and it sure looks like it has been paying off. 

Many might know the 24-year-old Australian for a variety of different projects. Many have gotten to know where he started for example as Noah Flynn in Netflix’s The Kissing Booth, for the more mature crowd, they could have gotten to know him as Nate Jacobs in HBO’s Euphoria

No matter if you have watched his work or not, it was very hard not to hear about the 6’3 Australian as many swooned over him and his street style. 


Jacob has shown us a variety of his preferred street style, sometimes you might have seen him in a mix of Nike shorts with a vintage t-shirt, and others you might have seen him in a more vintage vibe that usually had his camera as an accessory. 

Not only does Jacob have impeccable street style, but he has been known to almost match or coordinate his looks based on who he is with. Just to name a few names, Jacob has been with the likes of many famous faces like Joey King, Zendaya and Kaia Gerber. 

Jacob’s best outfits could be from when he dated Kaia from November 2020 to November 2021. Jacob and Kaia were seen quite often going to the gym, grabbing dinner and just shopping around the vintage stores all around LA. Some of his best fits matched Kaia’s perfectly. 

One very well-known is his Nike shorts look, seen a few times with a few variations of tops, Jacob loved wearing these sports shorts, with long white socks and the classic Golden Goose sneaker. Paired well with them, depending on the weather was either a vintage t-shirt or a crew neck, something that just fell over Jacob’s tall stance perfectly. 

Stepping up his vintage/ streetwear game, Jacob has been known to pair a jean or a trouser quite nicely. One of his most thirst-trap looks was more recently in 2022, where he paired a white tank top (showing off those arms) with flat front grey woollen trousers. What makes this outfit so awesome is how he accessorized it, which only a handful of celebrities know how to do well. Jacob paired with a simple outfit with an army green duffle bag, grey lowcut comme de garcons, and yellow tortious shell sunglasses. 

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Another great way Jacob has impeccable street style is through his accessories to his outfits. Very rarely will you ever see Jacob empty-handed, and in this case, he is truly holding a lot. In his few outings with co-star Zendaya, he was seen mostly in vintage and will vintage cameras as well, this outfit is what speaks to his look perfectly. He and Zendaya are at a flea market, him wearing a classic look of a vintage graphic t-shirt, vintage mid-wash button front jeans, a blue trucker hat and brand-new luxury glasses. This look is paired and balanced so well together, the colours, the accessories, his hairstyle, how he hangs his keys and wears his camera are all part of the look. 

Jacob is truly someone who makes it look easy with his street style, but it is the style that he has that allows him to pull off these looks, he is known to keep it classy and not too crazy, which can be a very easy look to copy, so take notes!

Article published by HOLR Magazine