Alleged reports of a shooting occurring at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Victory Parade have shocked the internet.

Shooting at Chiefs Victory Parade

Accoridng to this article, reports claim that one person died and three others remain in critical condition following a shooting at the Chiefs victory parade. The person who died remains unknown.

As noted in the article, ABC News previously reported that nine were injured after the shooting in Kansas City, Missouri, which occurred during the Super Bowl victory parade for the Chiefs. However, new claims show that at least 14 people were injured- this number could change based on recent updates. Those who were injured also remain unknown although some reports claim that children were among those injured. This has not been officially verified

Chiefs Super Bowl Parade Shooting

The Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, took to Twitter to comment on the unfolding situation as noted here.

Shooting at Chiefs Victory Parade

Allegedly the shooting took place as the parade was coming to an end, with reports of it occurring as people were leaving as HOLR previously reported here. It was previously reported that the shooting took place at Union Station and that police reportedly revealed that two people had been detained (here). Further details regarding what exactly happened and who conducted the shooting remain unknown.

This TikTok video posted by user @abcnews on TikTok shows police in Kansas City responding to initial reports of an alleged shooting.

Chiefs Super Bowl Parade Shooting

There was a heavy police presence in the area as the Chiefs made their way through the parade.

HOLR will keep you posted on the latest. 

UPDATE: A second death has reportedly occurred. Reports allege that Lisa Lopez-Galvan died from a gunshot wound to her abdomen. (referenced here) The other person who died has not yet been identified.

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