Brittany Schmitt took to a podcast to discuss her brief, seemingly controversial relationship with Armie Hammer.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @jordycrayy, Schmitt is going viral after discussing the controversies surrounding her brief fling with actor Hammer.

Brittany Schmitt Comedian

Schmitt is a comedian who reportedly had a “situationship” with Hammer.

Brittany Schmitt Armie Hammer

Image Credit: @jordycrayy TikTok

Brittany Schmitt Armie Hammer

As noted in the TikTok video. Schmitt mentioned that Hammer was fairly open about everything, including cannibalism.

The way Hammer explained cannibalism to Schmitt was that it was the “cycle of completion” and he reportedly claimed that, “I’m inside of you I want you to be inside of me.”

“Why do you have to eat somebody?” questioned the podcast host.

When asked if he actually ate “people’s skin” Schmitt explained that he actually did “this biting thing” where he would supposedly “push it to the limit with biting.”

He would allegedly go as hard as you would let him go when it comes to biting. Allegedly, if he was hurting Schmitt and she would tell him to stop he would stop.

In her experience, she claimed she was consensual with everything going on. She also agreed that she was “branded” by him.

Fans were shocked to learn of the details surrounding their relationship.

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