Who Is Lawrence Summers Epstein List Revealed

Who is Lawrence Summers? A former Treasury Secretary and Harvard University president with ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Summers reached out to Epstein in 2014 seeking advice on philanthropy to raise $1 million for an online poetry project run by his wife, Elisa New, a Harvard professor. Epstein suggested meeting, and they planned a dinner at The Fireplace in Brookline, Massachusetts, one of several meetings they scheduled that year.

In 2016, a nonprofit associated with Epstein donated $110,000 to Elisa New’s nonprofit, focused on producing video content about poetry. The article highlights a trove of documents, including emails and schedules from 2013 to 2017, shedding light on Epstein’s ongoing interactions with influential individuals post his conviction as a sex offender in 2008.

Lawrence Summers Epstein Relationship

The documents disclose Epstein’s frequent contacts with various prominent figures, some previously associated with him but with incomplete disclosures regarding their connections to Epstein. Lawrence Summers expressed regret for his post-conviction contacts with Epstein, as did Elisa New’s nonprofit for accepting funding from Epstein. The nonprofit later donated an amount exceeding what they received from Epstein to an anti-sex trafficking group.

Additionally, despite Harvard’s decision to no longer accept Epstein’s donations, the documents reveal that Summers continued to meet with Epstein and seek his assistance.

Overall, the article details Summers’ and Epstein’s interactions regarding fundraising for a poetry project, Epstein’s donations to associated nonprofits, and the ongoing contacts between Epstein and influential figures after his conviction.

Published by HOLR Magazine.