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Sarah Kellen, Jeffrey Epstein’s former assistant linked to scheduling the “massages” used for Epstein’s abuse, is reportedly on edge ahead of the release of documents involving over 150 individuals connected to Epstein’s sex-trafficking network. She’s anxious about potential revelations that could implicate her but may use her knowledge to navigate potential legal trouble. Kellen, who had insider insight into Epstein’s activities, has largely kept a low profile since his death and Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction. A source claims that Kellen has enough knowledge of what happened to write a tell-all book but has chosen to keep quiet for now so she could possibly use the information to avoid jail time. Sarah Kellen has also claimed that Jeffrey Epstein regularly sexually abused her.

Sarah Kellen Jeffrey Epstein Assistant

Sarah Kellen Jeffrey Epstein List

Living discreetly in a secure Miami Beach residence, Kellen aims to avoid attention and legal entanglements. There’s speculation she might possess information valuable enough to secure her freedom, potentially keeping her silence for strategic leverage. While she considered sharing her experiences, she’s opted to hold onto the information as a safeguard. Although not charged with a crime, Kellen’s involvement was highlighted in legal documents and mentioned during Maxwell’s trial, suggesting her potential significance in Epstein’s operation.

Jeffrey Epstein List PDF Release

The release of more than 150 names connected to Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, mentioned in court documents from a civil case involving victim Virginia Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell, will start to be released today January 3rd with the exception of two accusations involding Jane Doe’s that wish to remain anonymous. Their documents have been delayed until at least January 22. This postponement follows a judge’s decision to extend Jane Doe’s appeal for confidentiality by 30 days.

Originally slated for January 1, the unsealing of these documents, related to a settled lawsuit Giuffre filed against Maxwell in 2015, was deferred due to court closure on New Year’s Day. Judge Loretta Preska ordered redactions to safeguard the identities of underage victims involved in sex crimes.

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