Who Is The Nashville School Shooting Suspect?

Authorities have confirmed that the shooter was Audrey Hale who was identifying as a male by the name of Aiden Hale. He was a former student of the school.

The Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) announced on Monday that a woman was the suspected shooter at a covenant school in Nashville, Tennessee. According to the MNPD, at least six individuals were killed in the shooting, including three children and three adults. During a press conference, an official stated that when police officers arrived at the second level of the school building, they saw a female shooter firing at people. The officers engaged with the shooter and ultimately killed her. The woman was armed with at least two assault rifles and a handgun.

Nashville Shooting Woman

The MNPD also tweeted that an active shooter event had occurred at the Covenant Presbyterian Church’s school, located on Burton Hills Drive, and that the shooter had been engaged and killed by the police. The Nashville Fire Department reported on Twitter that there were multiple patients following the shooting, and that parents should go to 20 Burton Hills if they needed to reunite with their children.

While the shooter’s identity has not been confirmed, police initially believed that she was a teenager, but later confirmed that she was 28 years old. Data compiled by The Violence Project, a group that maintains a database of school shootings in which more than one person was shot or someone came to school heavily armed with the intention of firing indiscriminately, found that females committed only four school shootings out of 147 recorded since 1979, making up just 2 percent of both mass shootings and school shootings in the United States.

Samuel Hyde Shooter Twitter

There have been a number of rumors circulating on Twitter with names like Samantha Hyde and Samuel Hyde coming up, but this is just a 4chan troll meme and she is not the shooter. The shooter was identified as transgender Audrey Hale who was going by the name Aiden Hale.

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