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The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) was rocked by a devastating shooting incident on Wednesday, leaving three people dead and several others injured. The assailant, identified as 67-year-old Anthony Polito, engaged in a violent rampage before being confronted by law enforcement.

Who Was the Shooter at UNLV? Anthony Polito, 67

According to law enforcement sources, Polito, a former college professor, had potentially sought employment at UNLV but was not hired, raising suspicions that this rejection might have been a motive for his attack. His professional history included positions at educational institutions in Georgia and North Carolina, with his most recent full-time employment listed as a business professor at East Carolina University until 2017.

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Las Vegas Shooting Professor

The tragedy unfolded around noon on the fourth floor of UNLV’s Beam Hall business school building, disrupting preparations for upcoming final exams. As students and professors readied themselves, the gunman’s presence instilled fear and chaos. Concurrently, outside the building, students had gathered for an event, unaware of the impending horror.

The shooter navigated through multiple floors of the building, endangering the lives of those inside, before law enforcement intervened in an armed confrontation. The standoff culminated in the gunman’s demise, though the precise circumstances of his death remain unclear.

In the wake of the assault, three individuals tragically lost their lives, while one other suffered critical injuries from gunfire. Four additional individuals were hospitalized due to panic attacks induced by the traumatic incident. Authorities have refrained from disclosing the identities of the victims or confirming whether they were students or faculty members.

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Tony Polito Linkedin has been made inaccessible on Linkedin. However, his work history and background can be found at his website here. Polito’s website also outlines several conspiracy theories that he had about What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, and who he thinks the Zodiac Killer was.

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Shooter Polito Zodiac Killer Identity Arthur Leigh Allen Theory

The Las Vegas shooter Tony Polito had an interest in conspiracy theories as can be seen on his website. One of the things that he wrote about was the Zodiac Killer. In a 15 page document published on his website, Las Vegas Shooter Tony Polito believes the identity of the Zodiac Killer to be Arthur Leigh Allen who he says was a suspect during the investigations.

Zodiac Killer Identity Arthur Leigh Allen

UNLV shooter Anthony Polito’s website is filled with all sorts of theories on different “mysteries and puzzles” as he claims on his website.

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Anthony Polito Facebook

While his Facebook profile can not be found. All of the things he wrote about his “theories” on the Zodiac Killer and Malaysia Flight MH370 can be found on his website.

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tony Polito was shot by authorities at UNLV. This devastating occurrence echoes memories of the city’s tragic Route 91 Harvest music festival massacre in 2017, still etched as the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. The UNLV shooting stands as the 80th school shooting in the US this year, with 29 incidents occurring on university and college campuses, according to CNN analysis.

The aftermath of this appalling incident has left the UNLV community in mourning, grappling with the loss of lives and the traumatic experience that unfolded within the university’s premises. As investigations continue, the tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for measures to prevent such senseless acts of violence, ensuring the safety and security of educational spaces across the nation.

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