With Disney’s newest live adaptaton of “Aladdin” coming out soon, beauty cosmetics giant MAC has collaborated with Disney to release an exclusive lineup of products featuring the theme of Aladdin.

This limited-edition collection was inspired by Princess Jasmine and will surely make you feel magical like a real princess from Agrabah.



The products included in the lineup feature a nine-pan eyeshadow palette, four lipsticks, individual highlighter and bronzer compacts, three “Lipglasses,” and an eyeliner and a colour-powder pigment.

The eyeshadow palette, named after Princess Jasmine, features nine regal shades that follow the tones metallic purples and gold that will give you a mysterious and smoky look. The lipsticks range in hues from natural beiges to bright berry, with the names making references to the movie including “Whole New World,” “Princess Incognito,” “Rajah,” and “Friend Like Me.”

Coming in two finishes of matte and amplified, the design of the packing was inspired by the richness and vibrant hues of Agrabah itself.


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The “Lipglasses” stand out more with the light colours and glitter, but just as gorgeous nonetheless. Featuring three colours of pink and gold that go by the names of “Magic Carpet Ride,” “Diamond in the Ruff,” and “Jewels on Jewels,” these lipglasses are highly pigmented and will have your lips shiny with its shimmery and pearly finish. No need for real diamonds!

The pressed-powder compacts of the highlighter and bronzer come in two natural-toned shades in shimmery gold and deep golden matte brown, “Always One Jump Ahead,” and “Your Wish is My Command.” You’ll even find the Genie’s magical lamp etched into the powder to remind you that wishes do come true.

Recreate Jasmine’s dark and alluring black Kohl eyes with the strong and intense colour from the Technakohl Liner. A mechanical pencil-style liner, the formulation is made to last for long wear and is smudge-resistant, so you won’t find yourself with racoon eyes. Last but not least, what kind of collection would it be without a colour powder for finish? Coming in a sparkly rose shade, this intense pigmented colour powder will give you a nice glow with a fun effect.


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▪️M A C × A L A D D I N ?‍♂️ LIMITED EDITION ▪️ { ??????? ; ????????????? – ????????????? } Mein Gehirn setzt bei Disney wohl einfach aus. ? Zudem ist das seit langer Zeit auch mal wieder eine richtig schöne Kollektion, wo mir auch farblich alles gefällt. ? Da der Mac Hype vorbei ist, konnte man auch alles schön entspannt bestellen, nicht so wie früher – wo nach 2 Sekunden alles ausverkauft war. ? Und es ist bei Mac selbst immer noch alles vorrätig, außer ein Gloss. Was ich aber sehr daneben fand, waren die Preissprünge bei dem Bronzer und dem Highlighter. Erst waren sie für ca. 48€ Online ( da hatte ich sogar schon bestellt .. ) und 1-2 Tage später wurde der Preis auf 33€ korrigiert. ? Und dann war mein Bronzer auch noch geswatched. Mimimi, ich weiß aber sowas darf meiner Meinung nach nicht sein. Nichtsdestotrotz, bin ich happy alles ergattert zu haben! ❤️ Habt ihr auch zugeschlagen und wenn ja, was habt ihr gekauft? #macxaladdin #aladdin #maccosmetics #macaladdin #disney #disneyaddict #maclipstick #makeup #beautyblogger_de

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It’s safe to say that MAC and Disney have definitely granted our wishes of aspiring to look like Princess Jasmine without needing the help of a Genie, and this enchanting collection has all of us even more excited for the live adaptation of the childhood movie we all grew up loving. The full collection will be released on May 16th, just in time before the movie hits theatres on May 24th


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