If you aren’t happy with your teeth, getting them straightened can help realign and reshape your smile. Many people are now choosing to use clear braces rather than the traditional metal braces that many of our peers had as a child. If you want straighter teeth, here are just a few reasons why clear braces are the best option to get the smile of your dreams.

Lower Costs

Whilst you may think that a product that can straighten your teeth while remaining somewhat invisible to the naked eye would be more expensive, clear braces can be much cheaper. Standard metal braces need to be tightened and readjusted, meaning plenty of orthodontic visits. This can cause a real problem, especially if your orthodontist doesn’t offer a payment plan that can work for you. However, specialists like ALIGNERCO offer clear braces on a monthly plan with no unexpected fees or dental visits. If you want clear braces at a price that can work for you, check out the following link for more information and to see payment plans:https://www.alignerco.com/all-you-need-to-know-about-clear-braces/.


Many people choose clear braces for the simple fact they are more discreet and fashionable than metal braces. If you are already unhappy with your teeth, adding metal braces could be a real turn off for many. Whether you don’t want people to know your straightening your teeth or you don’t like the idea of metal braces, clear braces allow a discreet way to straighten those teeth.

More Comfort

Metal braces cause pain with each adjustment and can also scratch the inside of the mouth. Clear braces are a much more comfortable experience. While the initial feeling of using clear braces will be uncomfortable, you will get used to this much quicker, and you can’t scratch your mouth on clear braces.

No Food or Drink Bans

Metal braces aren’t removed until the straightening process is complete. Depending on how long your teeth need to realign, this could take anywhere from 18 months up to 3 years. Adult teeth are fully grown, meaning they need more pressure and time to straighten. Metal brace wearers must ban certain food and drinks from their diet which could damage these braces and your teeth underneath. Anything crunchy or chewy, such as nuts, popcorn or gum is off the table. Clear braces can simply be taken out while eating and then put straight back in, meaning no annoying food or drink bans.

Cleaner Teeth

Metal braces cause more problems than how they look. Those with metal braces will often find it harder to clean their teeth and get into all the small gaps between. Flossing with metal braces is especially difficult, if not impossible. This can cause tooth decay and stained teeth while you are trying to improve your smile, which is very counterintuitive. Clear braces are taken out when performing mouth care, so you can brush and floss with no issues.  

Clear braces are the best option for teeth straightening if you want a more discreet, less costly and more comfortable teeth straightening experience.