In 2020 Taylor Swift surprised her fans by releasing not only one but two albums, “Folklore” and “Evermore.” While that seems like more than enough content for her to take a break for a while, she still has more in store for her fans this year that you will want to check out!

On February 11 Swift announced she would be releasing the re-recorded version of her song “Love Story,” which would be followed by the release of her album “Fearless,” originally released in 2008, entirely re-recorded. The reason why she is making new versions of her older music is because of problems with her previous label—Big Machine Records, who still own her first albums and were planning to sell them. Since she doesn’t own her first few albums she doesn’t get control of how, when, and by who it is used—that’s why she is not only re-releasing her second album but also planning to release her own version of four that she does not own: “Taylor Swift,” “Speak Now,” “Red,” and “1989.”The old version of “Fearless” (left) and the new one (right).

The singer’s new re-recorded version of “Fearless” is set to be released on April 9th and it will include all of the original tracks along with some new songs. Since the new version of “Love Story” was released fans have commented on how exciting it is to get to hear one of the songs that helped her get to where she is now and see how her voice has changed. It has been also announced that all of these re-recordings will be eligible for Grammy nominations in the future and the new songs she is planning to include could also be nominated.