Taylor Swift supposedly canceled her NYC club membership at Casa Cipriani after people took photos of her and Matty Healy.

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy

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According to PageSix, Taylor Swift allegedly canceled her membership at Casa Cipriani after photos of her and Matty Healy were taken there and leaked afterwards. According to the same source, the photos were taken even though the club has a no-picture policy. 

The incident happened in May 2023, and at that time, several people who supposedly took the picture were sanctioned. “At least three members got kicked out for taking pictures of Taylor. There is a no-picture policy. Their membership was revoked.” a source informed PageSix in May.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@updatesswiftbr

Following the incident, the club sent a message to its members reminding them of the no-pic policy. “It has come to our attention that images have been captured at the club in recent days that have infringed upon the privacy of our members. It is important to note that any member who violates these policies will face immediate revocation of their membership.” the message read, as PageSix confirmed.

A source told the outlet that Taylor Swift had to leave the club once the pictures were taken. “Taylor came knowing the policy and then had to leave. They are cracking down now like crazy. It wasn’t even the member. It was their guest. And their membership was still revoked.” the insider added.

However, although a source informed the outlet that Taylor had supposedly canceled her membership, the club denied the claim.

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy

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