Tropicana Hotel is closing down in Las Vegas after 67 years.

HOLR is breaking down why the iconic hotel is seemingly closing down.

Tropicana Las Vegas Closing 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @vegas.bartender, Las Vegas is bidding farewell to the Tropicana Hotel, after 67 years on the strip.

Tropicana Closing

Why is Tropicana closing?

According to this related article, the Tropicana is set to be demolished in order to make way for a new Major League Baseball stadium.

When was Tropicana built?

The iconic hotel has had a home on the Las Vegas Strip since 1957.

Tropicana Hotel

Allegedly, the property has had a difficult time keeping up with new resorts, as noted here. These new properties have made their way onto the strip in recent years, causing the Tropicana to start showing its age. The news of Tropicana closing down has been met with mixed responses from the public as shown in the TikTok video’s comment section:

What are your thoughts on the Tropicana Hotel closing down in Las Vegas?

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Image Credits: @vegas.bartender TikTok and Unsplash