Most people take a swim in the ocean for fun and their well-being not knowing that they are also doing a lot of good to their skin. This is because ingredients found in the ocean such as algae, minerals, salts, and seaweeds come with amazing anti-aging features.

Different studies have shown that blood plasma and seawater have an identical composition. They also have the same levels of minerals and trace elements. 

Did you know that placing white blood cells in diluted seawater leaves them functioning the same way they function in the human body?


Due to this, we have now seen a growing popularity in marine-based ingredients when it comes to the manufacture of skin care products. You have probably visited a spa and they recommended one of these products but you did not know why they are good. 

Well, in this article, we are going to discuss their benefits, the reasons why they are growing popular.


Marine-Based Skin Care Products and Their Benefits

If you visit any beauty shop today, you are likely going to see a lot of marine-based skincare products on sale. Some of the most established brands like Biossance, Dr. Dennis Gross, and Kat Burki include marine collagen moisturizing skin cream.


Using these products, you are going to enjoy a lot of benefits, key among them;


They Have A Lot of Antioxidants

Marine-based ingredients come with Vitamins B and C that are known for their ability to combat pigmentation. They also make lackluster skin bright and stimulate the collaging of the skin. These vitamins are very important when it comes to anti-aging.


They Highly Moisturize the Skin

Marine-based ingredients are composed of many things, among them algae. Algae come with a lot of humectants that are known for their ability to moisturize the skin more than any other ingredient. It also contains Vitamin E known for its hydrating capabilities.


They Contain Proteins

You will find a lot of amino acids in marine-based ingredients. These acids make the building blocks that make the body cells strong. They also fill and maintain cell membranes, something that is important in creating a youthful face. In the end, the proteins prevent any form of accelerated aging.


They Are Full of Minerals

Marine-based ingredients come with a host of minerals that prevent the aging of the skin. For instance, Magnesium, Zinc, and Omega are all found in these ingredients. 

These minerals help the process of building an epidermal barrier that protects the skin from different aggressors in the environment. They also help in preventing the inflammation of the skin.

If you are looking for a way to curate your skincare routine, then one of the best ways is to start using marine-based skincare products especially because of the benefits you can reap from them.


So, Where Do These Minerals Come From?

You might be asking yourself where these beauty companies get these minerals from. Well, since some people always want to know the source of the products they are using – which is a good thing – here is where they come from;


  • Seawater: Some companies get their ingredients from seawater. This is because it contains essential elements and natural minerals that are important in the manufacture of these skincare products. In addition, seawater boosts lymphatic drainage and circulation while at the same time helping prevent the inflammation of the skin.
  • Sea Salt: Sea salt has been used as a detoxifying ingredient and abrasive exfoliant for a very long time. This is because it comes with calcium and magnesium minerals that play a very crucial role when strengthening the barrier function of the skin and drawing its hydration.
  • Marine Collagen: Marine collagen is extracted from the oil and scales of fish. They come with amino acids combined with antioxidant properties. These properties are very essential anti-aging ingredients and provide a powerful repair of the skin.

The ocean can be seen as the purest source of mineral water. As discussed above, its components are similar to that of the human body, meaning that the two can absorb together easily.

Seaweeds or marine algae make the ocean life and have enzymes, phytohormones, beta-carotene, amino acids, trace elements, and minerals among others. All these products are balanced naturally and play a vital role when making marine-based skincare products.

This is the main reason why marine-based ingredients are penetrating the skincare product market very quickly compared to other products that have even been there for a long time.