Owner Vee Mistry is an expert in the beauty and skin industry!

Vee Mistry


SKINBYVEE is the spot for facials in Toronto, all thanks to the brand’s incredible owner, facialist, and skin expert, Vee Mistry. Recently, HOLR was invited to experience a custom facial by Vee, so keep reading to learn all about my personal experience and why you should book with SKINBYVEE!


Located at 18 Dupont St in Toronto, the space itself is extremely warm and inviting as you are welcomed in by Vee for your appointment. Prior to your arrival, Vee will conduct a consultation with you to recommend and discuss the correct facial that will work best for you and your skin based on your concerns, budget, and lifestyle. This is super helpful as you get one on one time with Vee to chat through which experience would be the most beneficial for you, and it goes to show how much Vee cares about her work because she truly wants the best results for her clients.


When I walked in for my scheduled appointment, I was happily greeted by Vee, who welcomed me into the waiting area as she prepared the adjoining room for my facial. Once everything was ready to go, I was instructed to get into the ultra-plush – and heated!- facial bed as Vee detailed the specifics of the facial (I received a custom treatment, although my experience was most similar to the Tailored Facial, available on the site) and how it would help treat and target my problem areas, leaving my skin super glowy and fresh. I definitely appreciated Vee taking the time to walk me through the steps since this was all so new to me.

Vee let me know that the facial would be focused around the décolleté, shoulders, and face since skincare should start there too! She played soft, relaxing music in the background and I closed my eyes as she started the experience. Vee is extremely dedicated to her work and takes the time to customize the experience by tailoring products and procedures to your unique skin and texture.


This facial began with Vee’s unique triple cleanse, massage and Dermaplaning to thoroughly prepare the skin. She then incorporated a potent resurfacer to combat blackheads, acne, pigment, lines and or dehydration to target your skin concerns. Following that, she then moved into Gua Sha Cryotherapy and Microcurrent, in which these modalities are coupled with a special blend of masks and serums to change the skin instantly. Finally, she enveloped the skin with LED light therapy.

What I found most intriguing about Vee’s facial was the fact that she used cold tools and products- including Gua Sha Cryo Sticks- throughout the experience. I loved how this made the facial feel super refreshing, in which my skin felt rejuvenated the entire time. She explained how using cold water and products to cleanse the skin helps to open it up, which I am taking home as a tip!

One of my favourite parts of the experience was the Dermaplaning, which helped remove dead skin. My skin felt so soft to the touch and it was a recommendation from Vee that I would’ve likely never tried on my own had she not suggested it during my custom treatment.


Overall, this was definitely one of the best facial experiences I have had the pleasure of receiving. Vee is an expert at her craft and she made the entire treatment feel super relaxing, allowing my skin to feel refreshed and renewed the whole way through. When I was done, I took a look in the mirror and couldn’t believe my results- my skin looked and felt amazing! It was glowing and looked super dewy and healthy, so huge shoutout to Vee- I already can’t wait to go back!

If you’re looking to book with Vee, check out her website, SKINBYVEE, here for more information.

Published by HOLR Magazine.