Why Would ISIS Attack Moscow

Since the horrendous terror attack in Moscow at Crocus Hall during a concert, authorities have arrested 11 people on connection with the attack. Terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. ISIS has previously attacked the Russian embassy in Kabul in 2022. The ISIS group responsible for the attack was ISIL an off shoot of ISIS. Kabir Taneja, who is the author of ISIS Peril, said that ISIS attacked Moscow because Russia has been a target of ISIS as they are seen as a “crusading power against Muslims.”

Kabir Taneja also added, “Russia’s relations with Israel was also seen detrimental by ISIL ideology. So this friction is not new ideologically, but is so tactically.”

Why would ISIS attack Moscow

Who Were The Moscow Shooters Photos

Russian authorities have begun to release footage of the arrests of some of the suspects as well as their mugshots. At least two of the men are believed to be from Tajikistan. During an interogation video one of the suspects believed to have taken part in the terror attack by shooting innocent people claims that he was paid to do it. During the questioning the man says that he should have received 500,000 rubles for the crime. With half of that amount in advance and the other half after.

Who paid the Moscow shooters

Russia Trying to Connect Terror Attack To Ukraine

Despite ISIS claiming responsibility, Russian news agencies are reporting that the FSB claimed that the men were en route to the Russia/Ukraine border and that they had contacts in Ukraine. This has not been verified by any external sources. Ukraine has said they had nothing to do with the attack.

Published by HOLR Magazine.