HOLR is breaking down the viral video taking over TikTok- and what people have to say about the alleged “mean girls.”

tiktok girls

Image Credit: @jackielabonita TikTok

If you haven’t heard already, this TikTok video went viral recently about a girl taking photos and two girls behind her making fun of her for doing so. Check out the full video from user @jackielabonita, below.


Please be nice #meangirls #meangirlvibes

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As you can see, the girls behind the TikToker are making gestures and faces as she takes photos of herself in the stands. The TikToker is taking pictures and becomes aware that the girls sitting a couple of rows behind her are mocking her efforts. The on-screen text reads, “Watch my confidence disappear after these random girls make fun of me for taking pics.” By the end of the video, she stated that she wanted to cry after noticing the girls making fun of her. One of the girls in the video clip can even be heard saying the word; “Lame.”

The video has been viewed over 5 million times since being posted on the platform although the comments have been turned off.

One of the girl’s boyfriends allegedly made a response video although it has reportedly been deleted. Check out the clip in this TikTok.

TikTok Girls

Right after the video went viral, people started stitching the video with their own content (such as this video), where other users took to the comment section to call out the girls in the back for being “mean girls.”

TikTok Girls

Image Credit: @nenaylena TikTok

As well, TikTok sleuths allegedly found out the “mean girls” names, social media platforms, and their supposed places of work, as mentioned in this TikTok. However, some people have stated that finding out the girls’ personal information is going too far.


People are very upset with these girls for what they did in this picture foryou mean tiktok drama

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Cardi B Mean Girls Tweet

Cardi B joined in on the conversation posting this Tweet on Twitter. Although the content featured in the Tweet has since been deleted, this TikTok outlines what the post initially said:


Mean girls will not be tolerated…. #cardib #meangirls #htx #astrosgame #houstonastros

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The girls featured in the video have not come forward to address the incident.

What do you think about this viral TikTok?

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