Matt Santoro has come a long way from his simple days living in St. Catherine’s, Ontario. After getting laid off from an accounting job in 2012, Santoro devoted his time and energy into his YouTube channel. By 2015, Santoro had over 5.2 million subscribers and his videos garnered over 623 million views.

Today, that number has surpassed 1 billion views and he has relayed his YoTube success into other projects like writing a book, and releasing a music video to name a couple. His videos are informative and fun, often listing off things like “10 Creepy Urban Legends that Turned Out to be True” and “10 Secret Fast Food Menu Items You Didn’t Know You Can Order”.  Although he is now a certified YouTube star, Santoro doesn’t make videos to fuel his fame. For Santoro, his YouTube channel is about creating a space where his subscribers feel that they know the real Matt Santoro.

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