Zac Efron Before and After The Accident

It was a change that sent social media abuzz—Zac Efron’s notably different appearance, especially his jawline, sparked widespread speculation among fans. But contrary to the whispers of secret cosmetic procedures, the actor himself has unveiled the true cause behind his jaw’s dramatic alteration, attributing it to a past injury rather than any surgical enhancements.

In an exclusive cover story for Men’s Health, Efron unveiled the story behind his striking facial change while promoting Bill Nye’s “Earthy Day Musical” PSA on Facebook Watch in April of the preceding year. He revealed a chilling incident almost a decade ago that significantly altered his facial structure. This incident, occurring in November 2013, marked the culmination of a challenging phase of recovery from a string of mishaps, including tearing his ACL, dislocating his shoulder, breaking his wrist, and throwing out his back.

Zac Efron Accident Face Surgery

Zac Efron Accident Face Surgery

Recalling the accident, Efron detailed a slip while running through his house in socks, leading to a devastating collision with the corner of a granite fountain, causing severe damage to his jaw. He recounted being rendered unconscious, awakening to a jawbone “hanging off his face,” marking a frightening turn in his health journey.

In the aftermath, Efron diligently committed himself to physical therapy to rehabilitate his jaw. However, while filming for the second season of his Netflix series, “Down to Earth,” in Australia, the actor had to pause his regular facial exercises, coinciding with the time he filmed the mentioned clip for Bill Nye’s special. This hiatus inadvertently led to a pronounced change in his facial muscles, particularly the masseter muscles responsible for chewing, as they compensated for the lack of regular exercise.

“The masseters just grew,” Efron explained, shedding light on how the interconnectedness of facial muscles resulted in the significant change. He admitted to being unaware of the social media frenzy ignited by his altered appearance until his mother, too, questioned if her son had undergone undisclosed plastic surgery.

However, for the High School Musical star, such conjecture doesn’t faze him, given his resilience built from navigating Hollywood’s intense scrutiny. Reflecting on the speculation, Efron expressed his indifference, highlighting the necessary thick skin cultivated through his profession. “If I valued what other people thought of me to the extent that they may think I do, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do this work,” he remarked, underscoring his commitment to his craft amid public perceptions.

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