Men truly can pack their entire closet in a duffle bag and still have enough outfits for a few weeks of vacation. The best part about being a man is how is and versatile it is to make a few key pieces of clothing and an entire wardrobe. 

In 10 pieces or less we are going to show you how and what you need for your essentials wardrobe and what you can mix, match, or replace depending on preference or season. 


The best and most basic need for every man’s closet is a casual outfit. A casual outfit can go a long way depending on what you pair it with and where you are going. The best and most important things a man needs is good dark denim, black or really dark blue jeans with no wash. To pair with denim it is always best with a clean decently fitted plain white, navy or black t-shirt. Depending on the season pair it with a leather biker jacket, jean jacket or no jacket. 

The Manual

3 Down 7 to go. The next few items that every man needs are something a step up from casual. Trousers come in all different styles and fabrics, unlike dress pants, trousers can be more versatile, meaning you can wear them to a formal event, but also dress them down. Pairing trousers with a dressy polo in the summer or a crisp button-down in the winter. To add or top of the outfit, getting a sports blazer that is versatile is important, try not to go for patterns that will be recognizable at many events, just one that can work well with your colour palette, and can work with changing colours of shirts. 

Men’s Journal

Time for relaxing, having loungewear is very different than having casual wear, loungewear can be seen as track pants (that you do not workout in), a hoodie and a cool sneaker. Loungewear like lululemon for men is a great way to elevate your closet, making your style seem mature, but still comfortable, throwing on a solid coloured hoodie keeps you comfortable, but can also be worn over your jeans instead. When it comes to cool shoes or sneakers that you can’t dress up and you cant wear to the gym, this would be the time to pair them together with your loungewear. 


The last and final bit to your outfit puzzle is your shoes. The most versatile shoe on earth is a clean, white, leather sneaker with a flat sole and no patterns or logos. Having these shoes will go perfectly will all your outfits, a night out for dinner (white t-shirt, black jeans, leather jacket, white sneaker), an outdoor wedding (blazer, polo, trousers, white sneaker), hanging out with friends (hoodie, lululemon loungewear, white sneaker). Shoes are the most important bit so when buying shoes the rule is to always make sure that the few pairs you have will be interchangeable between outfits and occasions.