Lululemon and Mark Healey are collaborating to celebrate the active lifestyle of Mark and those alike who are fish in the sea. Mark Healey is internationally recognized as a big wave surfer, environmentalist, father and of course Lululemon ambassador. 


There no better person to collaborate with a brand like Lululemon, a brand known to accommodate the most agile and dedicated athletes from any sport and making sure they not only feel their best but look their best in their active gear. 

Marks motivation comes from the love of nature, he always allows nature to take him on a journey, whether it is surfing, free diving or just being one with nature he makes sure that he can explore as much of the world as possible, following whatever he can, whenever he can. 

Mark and Lululemon are collaborating to create a limited-edition collection that resembles Mark’s active lifestyle and can be beneficial to the active lifestyles of people alike. Mark and Lulu have created the capsule collection titled ‘Moon Drift’ a collection that allows freedom with activities that can go from dryland to water in an instant, just like Mark. 

Unlike other active gear from Lululemon, the creators behind the scenes worked with Mark at the Vancouver headquarters to ensure this collection is best suited for his very active, changing lifestyle. The team designed each piece around function and style ensuring it had water repellency, sun protection, ventilation and of course mobility while staying in the classic lines of stylish just like the rest of Lululemon. 

Moon Drift Jacket $168:


This versatile performance jacket is great for just out of the water or basic activewear. The structure and look are sleek and stylish with front and sleeve pockets, a fitted hood, great ventilation and a fleece back that won’t stick to you if you’ve jumped out of the water still dripping wet. 

Moon Drift Long Sleeve Rashguard $98:


This is an essential piece for an active lifestyle. Rashguards are the perfect shirt for those who love the water. Whether diving or surfing the rashguard is made to protect you and your skin from sunburns and scrapes from surfboard or debris in the ocean. This chlorine and salt-resistant shirt allow for mobility and breathability, and also includes a secure pocket. 

These are just a few from the 10 piece limited-edition collection that is already online and dropping in stores on July 29th. Mark himself has said, “it’s about versatility, this is gear that performs in the environment, feels comfortable and transitions seamlessly into everyday life.” 


The collaboration has 10 pieces including wet resistant jacket, rashguard, sweater, quick-drying tops, versatile wet or dry shorts and pants, all of which are designed as “a bridge between two worlds, purposefully designed for longevity and practicality with having to sacrifice style, fit and innovation.

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