Fashion and Art have emerged as the latest hot couple in town in a luxurious and transformative event series called “Edge of Black”

Artist and Photographer Max Jamali and Fashion Designer Svet Nikon of Cherry Burgundy| THE BLACK LABEL have joined forces to create an electric ensemble in a collaborative effort to combine luxury, creativity and entertainment.

Max Jamali, International Fashion Photographer and Mixed Media Artist, in his latest series “Edge of Perspective”, explores the use of photorealism, dimension and crystals to transform audiences perceptions by creating experiences that play with the senses.

Art by Max Jamali

Svet Nikon, a Fashion Designer for Cherry Burgundy | THE BLACK LABEL is known for her intuitive ability to see fabric as art. Working exclusively with colour black she achieves depth and visual saturation by superimposing various textures – the artful balance between light reflection, patterns, flow and movement.

Cherry Burgundy

They debuted their collaborative work on October 17th, 2018 at Bisha Hotel, Toronto in a successful sold out event marking both brands as the new affluent culture makers. Rewarded by demand for more, “Edge of Black” |Yorkville Edition in partnership with Confedde Creative Lab is coming back on December 5th, 2018 at Sofia – Yorkville, 8:00pm. This is great news for Toronto’s art aficionados and fashion lovers alike.

For tickets to the upcoming event, visit this link:  Edge of Black: Yorkville Edition 

To learn more about Mixed Media Artist Max Jamali, visit his website at, and the Cherry Burgundy website at


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