With only 40 days left until 2020, we’ve turned to renowned astrologer Aerin Fogel to give us a run down of what to expect for the coming year. And advice on how we can make 2020 the best year yet. Aerin tapped into her mystic wisdom to create personalized Mantra’s for each star sign to guide them in 2020.

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Photography by Briony Douglas @briony

Written by Aerin Fogel @queenofswordsband

Styling by Ksenia Edwards @k.tea.edwards

Models Pippa @fatherpips, Chanelle @fish.sauce.baby

Clothes by @inamorata


Dec 22-Jan 19

I am in the midst of deep personal transformation, which is a slow, imperfect process allowing me to accept who I am.


Jan 20-Feb 18

There are things beyond my understanding that impact me deeply. I embrace what I cannot control, knowing that my intuition is strong enough to guide me.


Feb 19-March 20

I am in charge of my own life. I have the capacity to make a di erence, both in my own circumstance and in my community.


March 21-April 19

I am ready to build the foundation I need for my work in the world, with slow steady steps, and I will not rush and get ahead of myself.


Apr 20-May 20

I’m willing to admit that there’s a lot I don’t understand, in order to experience life in a deeper, more meaningful way.


May 21-Jun 20

What lurks in the shadows of my life is not going to hurt me. I gain strength and power from exploring my own depth and learning about my patterns.


Jun 21-Jul 22

I am safe to be seen in my relationships. Others will not hurt me if I put forward my needs, and if they do, they may not be worth my care and compassion.


Jul 23-Aug 22

The sum of my life is greater than its parts. I trust that life unfolds in its own way, and I am capable of creating purpose and meaning in each day.


Aug 23-Sept 22

I take pleasure in my creative capacities, and I have everything I need to initiate something new this year.


Sept 23-Oct 22

My feet are planted rmly on the ground while I follow my inspiration for life. I am capable of remaining open to my loved ones without losing my sense of self.


Oct 23- Nov 21

Expressing my true thoughts and feelings is worth the risk. I am willing to loosen my grasp on life in order to allow positive change to unfold.