Dental treatments have advanced along with technology and are accessible to more people than ever before. This, along with more time to save up over the last year or so, is why cosmetic dental treatments are becoming a hot commodity. People deserve to have a smile they feel happy about. A great smile can have a significantly positive impact on a person’s mental health. Whether you want to get your teeth whitened, straightened, or get help with your horrific snoring – there’s a treatment for everyone. If you’re interested, carry on reading below as we outline the top four dental trends of 2021. 

Teeth Straightening

This is it, 2021 is the year of teeth straightening. There have been enormous increases in the number of people heading to the clinic and asking about teeth straightening. You can get your teeth straightened by using aligners or fixed braces. 

As technology has developed, you no longer need to have visible braces. One of the most popular methods of teeth straightening is using clear aligners, like those found over at Straight My Teeth. The website will tell you everything you need to know about quality aligners that they deliver straight to your door. You can book in for a consultation, where they will take a free 3D scan of your mouth. The pros at Straight My Teeth will then use this to create your aligners. 

More Male Cosmetics

As we push into the early 2020s, more men are starting to take care of their appearance. With this, there has been a rise in the number of men seeking out cosmetic treatments. Whether they want fresh breath, a white smile, or straight teeth, men feel comfortable going to the clinic for treatments because they can talk it down as a general visit. 

The Postponed Wedding Look

The global pandemic saw wedding venues all over the world shut down, which meant thousands of couples had to push back their big day. Whilst the wedding industry took a financial hit, the dental cosmetic market boomed. Couples who had to push their wedding back had already paid for their wedding and were on extra saving time. With this newfound income, couples are investing in photo-finish smiles. 

Teeth Whitening

Think luminous smiles and Hollywood-worthy teeth. Teeth whitening used to be all about who can get the most “perfectly” white teeth. However, it seems that perfect has got a bit too much for 2021 to handle. Now, people are embracing their imperfections and seeking out a naturally coloured smile. To achieve this, dentists can use blonding agents and bleach to give an au-natural smile. 

Having a flawless smile can fill people with confidence. However, 2021 is bringing about a natural look when it comes to colouring. More men are feeling comfortable sorting their teeth out. People can now straighten out their teeth without embracing the metal wire braces. Dental cosmetic treatments have become more accessible to people, with technology speeding treatment times up. So, what are you waiting for, go chase down the smile you always dreamed of.

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