Many people suffering from tooth loss, tooth decay, and other periodontal diseases, are now fortunate to have a proper solution for their dental problems. They can easily replace their decayed tooth or the empty spaces with the dental implants procedure. It involves the advanced structure of titanium rods that can support the roots of the gums with its screws to give the artificial crowns a natural and firm position. Thus, it not only restores the look of the healthy jaw back but also helps people get out of their insecurities and have their beautiful smiles and self-confidence back. Moreover, an implant can create a strong foundation for the fake crown, providing a long-term solution for your teeth injuries or other periodontal diseases. Additionally, it can give a more natural and realistic tooth structure that can enhance the beauty of the structure of your facial features.

How to Decide to Get a Dental Implant?

As already discussed, dental implants are more famous amongst people with broken teeth, periodontal diseases, tooth decay, and other teeth injuries. It’s better for them to get an implant rather than getting dentures or bridges since they are fixed with fasteners that are permanent if you take care of them. However, there is a category of people who don’t qualify for the implant treatment due to bad health conditions since they are involved in the following activities or are going through some of these dental disorders;

  • Chain-smoking
  • Excessive drinking
  • Drugs
  • Diabetes or other severe chronic conditions
  • AIDS
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Seasonal illness
  • Other gums or bones diseases like osteoarthritis

Is the Procedure Painful?

Most people keep suffering from dental pain without consideration for its treatment since they fear the pain during the procedure. However, the process is more accessible and less painful, especially with professional treatment and equipment. If you take Texas locals, for instance, you’ll find that they have professionals that specialize in specific procedures, and this is why they trust and rely on them. For people looking to have pain-free dental implants Fort Worth locals know who to turn to within their area for reliable procedures. It’s important that you always follow all the precautions as instructed by the dentist to ensure safe, fast, and guaranteed recovery. You may feel slight tenderness in your gums when it is being operated on, but that will subside gradually. Besides, dentists can get you local anesthesia if you are too afraid; this way, the whole surgical process can be less painful.

Procedure of a Dental Implant

To start with your treatment, you need to consult an experienced professional for carrying out your dental implant. Subsequently, they will examine the interior condition of your mouth by taking a series of X-rays, scans, and teeth impressions. Then they will decide the whole plan of executing the surgery and give you a payment package with the information regarding your insurance coverage according to your requirements. Once you accept their offer, the surgery starts with the following step by step procedures;

Implant Placement

In this step, your gums are operated by a professional. First, they will give you anesthesia or other sedation to make you feel comfortable. This way, your mouth will be numb throughout the procedure, and you may feel that you are sleeping the whole time. Meanwhile, the dentist will take the time to create an opening in the roots of your gums and place the implant into the open space created; then, your gums will be closed.

The Period of Integration

After the surgery, the healing process can take 3-6 months, where your implant will get integrated with your gum roots. However, this period will be critical for your implant since you have to take precautions to let it fix permanently. Meanwhile, your dentist may also get you some kind of retainers or temporary restoration for securing your teeth.

The Period of Final Restoration

It is the final visit for your dental implant where the dentist will remove all the interim and restorations attached to secure the immature implant. Then, since your implant will be able to support the biting pressure without any support, the dentist will attach the implant abutment and open all the gum tissues above the implant. The dentist can then finally complete the process of screwing and place a permanent porcelain crown on its top.

Post Recovery

After successfully installing your dental implant, you have to make sure you follow all the precautionary measures and home remedies to ensure permanent and long-term effects. Follow these steps;

  • Floss every day.
  • Brush two to three times a day.
  • Don’t put pressure on your teeth, especially the implants, to open bottle caps or other sealings.
  • Get a cleanup service after every six months.
  • Be gentle while eating food.
  • Try to use natural teeth for chewing hard nuts.

It’s an important decision to decide whether you need a dental implant or not since you have to keep in mind all the risks, financial costs, and outcomes. However, you need to realize that the success rate of the implant procedure is 98%, which means there are greater chances that all your gum problems can come to an end. Meanwhile, if you will get help from professionals, you can have long-term effects.

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