Balance is essential in life, and when you have it, things become easy to handle. After 2020, you may be one of the many people who are looking to balance. And maybe willing to try out just about anything that can give your life the balance you crave. 

One of the ideas that you may look to embrace is the healing crystals. These are some of the best ideas in use if you are up for anything to balance. And there are different types of crystals that can offer you healing abilities. 

Below are some of the options you can look at when it comes to healing crystals.

Rose Quartz

When you’re looking for a crystal that’s all about love, this is the one to look at. This crystal is pink in color, and that alone should tell you it’s all about love. It is believed that this crystal can help you to restore trust and harmony in your life. 

It is also known to help you improve your close connections with any relationship you’re in. You can also use it in times of grief as it enables you to get the comfort and calm you need. If you are looking to be better with others, this is the healing crystal to use. 



Some stones are believed to be able to shield you from the negativity of the world. It will protect you from both the physical and emotional negativity of the world. In essence, you can use this crystal to get rid of all the blockage you have emotionally.

The stone gets rid of the negativity by enhancing qualities such as compassion and clarity. These are all strong qualities that you can make good use of to detoxify from all the hurt in the world. You can also use it to reduce cramps and other physical pains.



In some sections, moldavite is known as one of the dangerous crystals. Despite that and the idea that it can give out vital energies – both negative and positive, you can use it for healing. You only need to concentrate on the positive effects that it has. 

When the environment around is filled with negativity, you can use this crystal to do away with such energy. Are you facing such energy? What you need to know about moldavite is that it can help you when you’re facing grief. And any form of negative news can help you with the healing process. 


When you’re facing stress, the crystal that will likely help you heal your spirit is Jasper. And you’ll find it easy to show up when you use this stone to heal your stressful times. It helps you absorb the negativity and promote positivity. 

The stone is said to promote vital energies such as quick thinking, confidence, and courage. When you’re facing stress or in a crisis, these are essential qualities that you need to have. Jasper can be pretty helpful for those with stressful and hectic jobs. 

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Purple is another color that gives out good vibes, and this is what this stone is all about. It can be instrumental in ridding your mind of negativity and encouraging sincerity, humility, and spiritual growth. It can also promote sobriety and help you sleep better. 

It can also help you better understand your dreams. It can also be helpful for physical healing too as it is said to cleanse the blood and relieve stress. There are some areas that it is also known to boost hormone production. 



When you have undergone some of the most challenging times in life and are looking for a new beginning, the moonstone can be helpful. Even if you’re only looking for the same, the crystal will help you. These stones encourage strength and inner growth. 

Those are the biggest fears that you will face when you are looking to start afresh. The stone helps you navigate through the feelings of stress and instability, which will help you move forward quite quickly. It will also help improve intuition and also be believed to bring good fortune. 



As the name suggests, this is one of the stones you can use to cleanse your blood. It is believed to be able to draw off the bad energies from the environment and improve circulation. 

The stone also encourages creativity, selflessness, and idealism. And the other power that makes it quite popular is that it enables you to live in the moment. It does this by taking away feelings such as aggressiveness, irritability, and impatience. 

Various crystals have different healing properties, and these are some of the crystals that can be used for healing. Each offers an extra healing power to help you deal with any situation. 


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