Choosing a destination for a summer vacay can be tricky. Some don’t see the point in going somewhere hot, some can’t stand the cold and others have already visited the most popular spots.

These unique locations will get your travel bug itching again, promise.

A destination that you are likely to come across as a setting for a friends next instagram post, is none other than the land down under. Australia has been a highly visited destination, not just because of its beautiful beaches and friendly people, but also the drop in airfare.


It goes without saying that Italy is one of the most travelled countries in the world. Thanks to their phenomenal cuisine, beautiful architecture and romantic vibe, travellers are quick to hop the next plane out. Because it is so travelled prices can be on a high. Instead, vacationers have been more inclined to visit Southern Italy, with equally as beautiful scenery and all the more affordable.


Amanpulo – Philippines.
If a stunning resort is something you value when booking your next stay away, The Phllipeans is you next stop. Amanpulo is extravagent with a view to match. It lies on a secluded reef fringed island. With spa amenities being top of the line and turtle nesting season being quite the view, you’ll experience a serene and unique vacation