Looking to make a change and pursue a more active lifestyle? Incorporating a workout routine into your schedule can be difficult, and you might need a little push or motivation to get started. While starting physical activities might seem like a drag, we came up with a few products that might get you interested in starting your fitness journey!


Brüst Cold Brew Coffee


Want something to drink along with your workout, but not a fan of the typical protein drinks that everyone else forces into their system? Co-founders Amar Gupta and Josh Barr came up with the idea of creating a grass-fed protein beverage that comes in the form of a coffee cold brew, called “brüst.” As former athletes, Gupta and Barr know the struggle of finding a protein drink that actually keeps you going during workout sessions, let alone one that tastes good. The Canadian entrepreneurs noticed that everything else in the market was the same, all packed with calories, complex ingredients and left a chalky taste.

Upon creating brüst, the brand promises that the beverage is made from high quality ingredients, and is handcrafted towards athletes to keep them going throughout the day. Each bottle is said to contain 120 mg of caffeine, is wheat and gluten free, and sources their protein from grass-fed dairy cows in New Zealand without hormones and antibiotics. The brand’s goal is to infuse taste with simplicity, and is on the journey to help fitness junkies “achieve health and wellness goals while on-the-go with a simple, clean protein drink that actually tastes good,” stated from their official website.

Those living in Toronto will happy to know that you get free shipping! If you want to start working out but also rely on your daily cup of java, brüst can help you with that.



Fitbit Alta HR



As the most popular fitness accessory on the market, it’s hard not to hop on the bandwagon when the brand continuously comes out with new and improved collections. The wearable technology company has been highly recognized for its sleek designs and customizable wristbands, giving consumers the chance to find one that fits their style. For those who have been wanting a fitness tracker that isn’t too chunky and heavy, the Fitbit Alta HR might just be the perfect fit.

The wrist-based heart rate tracking device tracks all-day activities —  from the number of steps you take, to calories burned. Battery life lasts up to 7 days, so that you can track your activities even while you sleep through the night without having to charge it. The tracker also allows you to sync your phone data as well, where you can read texts and calls without having to take out your phone. Those who need a little boost in working out can also receive notifications from the device to move around, encouraging you an hourly goal of 250 steps. As with many other Fitbit products, the wristbands are interchangeable and come in a variety of design and colours, and the tracker goes along with pretty much any outfit thanks to its chic design, whether you’re at the gym or the office.


ViA Fitness Gem Water Bottle


Do you believe in the power of healing crystals? If so, pick up this gemstone water bottle from VitaJuwel! Created in the Austrian alps, this water bottle is made with high premium quality glass, along with crystals such as red jasper, magnesite, and clear quartz. The healing properties of these crystals are believed to bring in empowerment and strength into your life, which is great for motivating yourself during extreme workout sessions. Stay hydrated all day with fresh, clear water infused with the gems in this bottle, without the use of plastic or metal. Whether you believe in the concept of healing crystals or not, the elegant design of the bottle might already be enough to inspire you to stay hydrated through your journey towards a more active lifestyle!


If you’re not a morning person, you should take a look at these products and maybe try them out to get different results and actually get motivated to work out! Sometimes you need that little push, whether it’s your favourite water bottle, fitness tracker, or workout outfit.


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